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Jessica Boateng, BA (Hons) Textile Design student

My long-term dream has always been to develop my own business as a printed textile designer.

[Jessica in a workshop with colourful printed fabrics hanging from the wall and lying on a work table]

Colours and patterns motivate me to express myself from within.

[Jessica draws leaves and berries on paper with a pencil crayon and looks through her design pad]

They illustrate the personal things I've gone through, good and bad, plus they are a way for me to portray aspects of my cultural identity in an authentic and genuine way.

[Jessica pours red dye into water in a steel dish on a stove in the workshop. She then stirs a piece of fabric in the water with tongs while wearing rubber gloves]

I came to university to try new things, gain my independence, both personally and professionally, and become the person I have always wanted to be.

[Jessica pulls a silk screen out of a stack of other screens]

In my final year at uni I was fortunate enough to be part of the Blackpop bursary plus-x scheme.

[Examples of Jessica's designs: a repeating pattern of fruit and plants in yellow, pink, black, blue and turquoise; a repeating pattern of segmented fruit in red, yellow, black and purple; an intricate repeating mirrored design with plant themes and too many colours to describe]

The scheme supports people like me with mentoring, designing and promotion bringing more diversity to the textiles industry.

[Jessica lays a screen onto a large machine and closes the lid]

Collaborating with Blackpop has been beneficial for me to gain industry experience. It has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. I am so excited to get my work out there, showcase my talents and take my first steps to my dream career.

Make it Real at Derby.

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