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[Music: a ballerina dancing on pointe in a ballroom; a man shadow boxing]

Goldbox productions 

The Goldbox team in discussion on a film set, with a film camera and a light.

Josh Spaticchia, Film Production graduate:

We met during the second year of our film production course.

[The Goldbox team working with a presenter in a studio]

Our lecturers encouraged us to create our own content so that's when we got together through the course group chat and produced our first short film called Virtual Brutality.

[A man wearing virtual reality goggles fights with various assailants in a flat.]

We took the film to festivals, it got nine nominations overall and won the best comedy at The Screen Test festival in London. That's when we saw the true potential of us all working together.

Ben Collison, Film Production graduate:

On the way back from the Birmingham Film festival, we said what if we create a business together and go full time and that's what we did. We created Goldbox Productions.

[Goldbox Productions showreel content - Thinking outside the box: singers in Derby Cathedral; a man in military fatigues walks beside an athletics track; a woman puts on VR goggles; a woman dances in a room full of Christmas trees.]

James Heaney, Film Production graduate:

Just as we were finishing our final uni projects and getting the business ready coronavirus hit but we made the best of the situation. Living and working together has given us time to develop the business instead of creating more content.

[Odhran with a background of the Derbyshire hills; James in an online meeting; a Be Military Fit trainer at a sports centre; a group of smartly dressed women line a stairway.]

Odhran Taylor, Film Production graduate:

The support from the University of Derby has been phenomenal not just what they normally do with their alumni, reaching out, career advice, and so on but also supporting us and helping us develop our network.


Our experience at uni has really set us up for our business. I'm confident that no matter who comes to us we can create something great for them.

Goldbox's story video

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