Arvin's story video transcript

Arvin Johal, BA (Hons) Business Management student:

[Arvin walks on a footpath through a lawned area with trees towards the main University of Derby Kedleston Road campus buildings]

University is much more than I imagined.

[Arvin studies in a communal area with books and a laptop]

It's where I've developed personally, grown in confidence and seized so many opportunities.

[Arvin in our Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab, with a scrolling tickertape screen and large flatscreen TVs on the wall showing latest news, and multi-screen computers on desks showing information.]

University is what you make of it. I have the hunger to succeed and have achieved so much already but this is just the start.

I've done really well in every module of my degree so far. My goal is to get that first-class honors degree.

[Arvin walks down a staircase beside a glass wall with blue sky and sunshine outside.]  

I'm a course rep, the secretary of Punjabi society and a Student Ambassador.

I'm an active volunteer for the Midland Langar Seva Society serving those who are less fortunate than us.

[Arvin Johal serving food in central Derby with the Midlands Langar Seva Society and preparing food in a kitchen.]

Experiences like this has added value to my studies.

My advice, be open to opportunities, there are plenty at Derby.

Arvin's story video

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