When will you arrive?

Arriving in January

If you are arriving in January, please go directly to your hall on arrival.  We recommend that you arrive during office hours (9am - 6pm) but, if you do arrive outside office hours, please call the hall mobile number and someone will show you to your room. You can find the hall mobile number on each hall page, under Meet the Manager. 

If you intend to arrive earlier than your contracted dates, please contact your Hall Manager to confirm your expected date and time of arrival. Remember that if you arrive earlier than your contract start date, you will need to pay for the additional days unless you're a Get Ahead student.

If you are an International student arriving in January, you can find out more about traveling here, and the University's meet and greet service through the International Office.

Arriving in September

Most people move into halls on Welcome Day. In 2020 the main Welcome Day will be on Saturday 19 September. This is when the majority of people will arrive. Students will be settling in together and there will be a special event at night for Freshers organised by the Union of Students. To ease congestion on Welcome Day we manage arrivals by asking everyone to book an arrival slot between 8am and 5pm. You'll be able to book your slot nearer the time. 

Returning and Nottingham medical students

If you are a returning student, you should NOT arrive on Saturday 19 September until after 5pm. However, you can move into your room on Friday 18 September if you wish. If you do arrive on Friday 18, please go straight to your allocated hall between 10am and 5pm. You will not be charged for arriving a day earlier. However, if you move in earlier than 18 September, you will be charged for extra nights. 

International students

When you start to plan your journey from overseas it's a good idea to let the International Department know when you are arriving so they can support you. They also provide a meet and greet service for students arriving at UK airports. The service is free but you need to book in advance. 

Sorting your paperwork out (Derby students)

Once you have arrived, you may have to visit the Student Housing Centre to sort out any outstanding paperwork. The Student Housing Centre is based at Nunnery Court and is open from Monday to Thursday 9.15am-4.30pm and Friday 9.15am-4pm.

Arriving early

If your course starts earlier than Welcome Day or you just want to arrive earlier than your contracted dates, please contact your hall directly by phone, so the Hall Manager can make sure your room will be ready. Remember that, if you arrive earlier than your contract date, you will need to pay for the additional days.

These charges for additional days do not apply to international students who are arriving for the international induction programme. For more information about this, contact the International Student Centre:

These charges will also not apply to people arriving for the Get Ahead Programme.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions about arriving early.