Arriving at halls

Arrival instructions

Go straight to your hall at the arranged time of your arrival. If the hall has a car park you'll be able to park there for a short time but then you'll need to move the car to another car park. If your hall doesn't have a car park, don't worry there are plenty of places to park nearby. 

Places to park near halls

If you arrive outside office hours please contact hall staff on the 24 hour hall mobile number to let them know you’ve arrived. The mobile numbers for each hall can be found in our contact details.

January arrivals

All January starters including UK home students, international students, returners and Nottingham students need to let us know when they intend to arrive at their hall. When you accepted your offer you should have indicated this to us. Please note that different courses may have different start dates, but the University will contact you directly to let you know the start date of your course, so you know when you need to arrive. You will be charged from your arrival date. When you arrive, please follow the instructions above.

International arrivals

The University operates a free airport pick-up service. We can also offer advice on travelling to the UK, Visa guidance and support once you've arrived. 

Find out more about coming to the UK to study

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