Where to park on moving in day

In Derby

To make sure everyone can unload easily when moving into our halls during welcome, please move your car once you have unpacked your belongings. There are plenty of places to park near halls in Derby.

Car parks and street parking near Derby halls

Please note that the prices given here are for cars. Parking a van may cost more. Most on-street, metered parking requires payment by coins or cashless payment via MIPERMIT. Prices are correct at the time of writing.

Flamsteed Court DE22 1GA

Darley Bank DE1 3PF

Agard Court DE1 1DZ

The car park at Sir Peter Hilton Court nearby will be open for students to use while moving in. In addition, the following parking is available nearby:

If you or anyone in your group has mobility issues, please contact the Agard Court Manager directly on 07771 838986 so she can make appropriate arrangements.

Peak Court DE1 3GZ and Princess Alice Court DE1 3LD

St Christopher’s Court DE22 3FY and Nunnery Court DE1 3LQ