Insurance cover
in halls

Make sure your possessions are fully covered during your time at university - check your cover and get top-up insurance if necessary. It's well worth looking into properly and you might find you're already covered with your parents' home insurance.

Your contents are covered

By partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider, we’ve arranged contents insurance for all our students staying with us in our residence at no cost to you.

It is important all students confirm their cover to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered.

You can do this by downloading the MyEndsleigh app and registering. Visit MyEndsleigh to:

Making a claim 

Make a claim online

Endsleigh student insurance

Endsleigh is the No.1 student insurance provider in the UK. We’ve gone into partnership with Endsleigh to arrange free contents insurance for all students staying with us.

Endsleigh student insuranceEndsleigh student insurance