How to book your tickets on UDO

How to book University of Derby Awards Ceremony tickets

If you are unable to access your UDo account as it’s been 90 days after your award date, please email us at so we can provide you with an alternative method of booking your tickets. 

Please note, in some browsers, your date of birth may show in an American format mm/dd/yyyy.

How to book your ticket step-by-step guide:

  1. You need to log onto your student account
  2. Select Enrolment/Student Centre (usually the top left-hand tile on the screen) and enter your student number and password
  3. You will then see a pop-up message indicating award ceremony tickets are now available, accept the alert and it will disappear
  4. Select the 'purchase tickets' or 'confirm unable to attend' link (top right of screen)
  5. Further screens will load that you should check carefully, they confirm information about your name, date of birth, award etc. You’ll then get to a screen where you can accept your invitation and book your ticket requirements