Discovering options to reduce emissions, while preserving visitor experience

The Deltic Preservation Society (DPS) owns, preserves, and operates Deltic locomotives that historically ran on the mainline railway. There are approximately six events annually running on heritage lines up and down the country and on the mainline.

About The Deltic Preservation Society

The Deltic Preservation Society (DPS) wanted to understand the environmental footprint of its transportation operations. For DPS the DE-Carbonise project supplied an opportunity to move towards more environmentally friendly transportation options whilst keeping the business’ continuity and visitor experience.

Why did they engage with DE-Carbonise

The project was to set up baseline carbon emissions for a Deltic locomotive and supply monitoring, operational and engineering options for reducing these emissions whilst preserving the visitor experience of a Deltic locomotive in operation. 

What has been the impact of working with DE-Carbonise?

The DE-Carbonise Team carried out: 

The study revealed that emissions are particularly high when the engine is idling. When idling, the locomotive produces a cloud of smoke caused by oil being carried across the 2-stroke engine. However, when the engine is running efficiently, the exhaust clears and burns more cleanly. One of the recommendations made was to limit idling to 15 minutes or instigate engine switch off. 

The support pointed The Deltic Preservation Society in several directions in relation to the decarbonising of their assets and supplied contextual information in relation to emissions levels. These include commercially available alternative fuels and low-cost monitoring technology. Further impact will become clear as time progresses.  

Next Steps

To take a phased approach to implement the report recommendations. This will require further support to identify funding routes and engagement with SMEs to trial and implement the monitoring, operational and, engineering solutions. 


About DE-Carbonise

DE-Carbonise is a three year collaboration between the University of Derby, Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council, which started in November 2019. The collaboration is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and follows on from the successful D2 Energy Efficiency/Low Carbon project.

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