Academic Regulations, Policy and Procedures

The validity of regulations, policies and procedures

These Academic and General Regulations apply to all taught programmes, unless specified, and to all students registered on those programmes for the year 2022/23 and until further notice.

The University Student Policies and Procedures also apply to all students of the University of Derby.

Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes


Academic Regulations

Note: for students on Taught Programmes. Part J and K of the Academic Regulations are also relevant to Research Students

Part A - Awards

Part B - Credit Framework

Part C - Recognition of Prior Learning

Part D - Enrolment and Registration

Part E - Student Participation

Part F - Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes

Part G - Assessment Regulations for Postgraduate Programmes

Part H - Examination Room Regulations

Part I - Request for Additional Consideration and Student Guidance for Request for Additional Consideration

Part J - Academic Misconduct

Part K - Academic Appeals

Part L - Student Code of Conduct

Part M - Student Charter

Part N - Student Entitlement and Responsibilities for FE

Part O - Student Entitlement and Responsibilities for HE

Academic Regulations for Postgraduate Research Programmes

PGR Regulations 22/23

University Student Policies and Procedures

A: Complaints Procedure

B: Disciplinary Procedure

C: Professional Conduct and Professional Suitability Procedure

D: Fitness to participate in university life

E: Sexual Misconduct Policy

F: Grievance Procedure: Grievances against Students

G: Student pregnancy, maternity and paternity - Supporting guidance and procedure

H: Research ethics

I: University Procedure for supporting transgender students

J: Policy for HE Students under the age of 18 on entry to the University of Derby

K: Policy on drug and alcohol misuse

L: Translation Policy

M: Admissions Policy

N. International Deposit Refund Policy

O: DBS Policy

P: University of Derby Intellectual Property Policy for Students

Q: Student Social Media Guidance 

General regulations

A: Programme Management

B: Internal Moderation

C: External Examiners

D: Undergraduate Assessment Boards

E: Postgraduate Assessment Boards

F: Effective Student Feedback and Representation

G: Dual / Joint Award Framework 

Greek Translation of Academic Regulations

Greek Regulations - Ακαδημαϊκοί κανονισμοί

Chinese Translation of Academic Regulations 

Chinese Regulations - 中国法规

Additional information

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