Academic Regulations, Policy and Procedures

The validity of regulations, policies and procedures

These regulations, policies and procedures apply to all taught programmes and to all students registered for modules on those programmes for the academic year 2017/2018, and until further notice. Parts J and K are also relevant to Research students.

Any change to a University regulation must be approved by Academic Board. Occasionally a programme may require a variation from a University regulation, perhaps to meet the requirements of a professional body. In such a case, the required variation must be specifically approved in accordance with the validation procedures agreed by Academic Board, and will be recorded in the Programme Validation Document (Programme Specification) and the Programme Handbook.

Any changes to or variations of regulations normally occur at the start of an academic year. Exceptionally, however, it may be necessary to introduce a change during the year. If this happens students affected by the proposed change will be consulted, and Academic Board will satisfy itself that students will not be disadvantaged by the change.

In the event of a change of regulations during the academic year, this document will not be re-issued, but the University web site will be updated, and the date of the change will be noted.  



  1. Awards
  2. Credit Framework
  3. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  4. Enrolment and Registration
  5. Student Participation
  6. Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes
  7. Assessment Regulations for Postgraduate Programmes
  8. Examination Room Regulations
  9. Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances (EEC)
  10. Academic Offences
  11. Academic Appeals
  12. Student Code of Conduct
  13. Student Charter 2017/18
  14. Student Entitlement and Responsibilities for FE
  15. Student Entitlement and Responsibilities for HE


  1. Complaints Procedure
  2. Disciplinary Procedure
  3. Grievance Procedure
  4. Translation Policy
  5. Admissions Policy
  6. Policy for HE Students under the age of 18 on entry to the University of Derby

General regulations

A: Programme Management

B: Internal Moderation

C: External Examiners for Taught Programmes

D: Professional Conduct and Professional Suitability Procedure

E: Assessment Boards for Undergraduate Programmes

F: Assessment Boards for Postgraduate Programmes

G: Effective Student Feedback

Student University policies

A: Student pregnancy maternity and paternity policy


C: Research ethics

D: Fitness to participate in university life

E: Policy on Drug and Alcohol Misuse

F: University Procedure for supporting Transgender Students


To submit an appeal, complete the Student Appeal Form.

For any queries please email