Student Complaints

We aim to continuously improve the quality of service we provide. If we've fallen below the standard that you expect, we'd like to know so that we can address the shortcoming. We'll always try to respond quickly and constructively to the points that you raise.

Making a complaint

A complaint arises when you feel that an aspect of your learning or a University service, facility or site is unsatisfactory and should be investigated.

We welcome the opportunity to address your concerns at the earliest opportunity and as such, it’s best if you try to speak to a relevant member of staff first. Experience shows that this is the simplest and most effective way to resolve an issue. If you’ve done this and your issue has not been resolved, then you can submit a complaint.

The University has a set procedure for dealing with complaints, and they should be raised within 3 months of the issue occurring.

There are three stages in the University’s complaints procedure, and normally each must be completed before proceeding to the next. This includes Step 1, Step 2 and Complaint Review.

For independent advice and support with a complaint you can contact the Union of Students Advice Service on where the Advisors have a lot of experience supporting students with their concerns. 

Before submitting a complaint, check that you have:

  • Read and understood the Complaints Procedure
  • Communicated directly to a relevent member of staff regarding your concerns
  • Thought about what you'd like to happen as a result of your complaint
  • Asked for advice on how to make the complaint if necessary

To submit a complaint, check that you have:

  • Fully completed a complaint form
  • Included any evidence to support your complaint

To escalate a complaint, check that you have:

  • Fully completed a complaint form
  • Included the reasons for escalation and dissatisfaction in the Complaint Detail section. This needs to be specific and present a clear case as to why an escalation is required. 

To submit or escalate a complaint:

Complete an Online Student Complaint Form (via the Report a Concern or Incident tile on UDo)

Download a University of Derby Student Complaint Form


Related Procedures:

The complaints procedure doesn't cover the following:

  • Appeals against the decision of an Assessment Board - Academic Appeals
  • Allegations of unacceptable behaviour from another student - Grievance Procedure
  • Appeals against the outcome of an academic offence investigation - Academic Offences
  • Complaints regarding compliance with the Freedom of Information Act