Awards of the University

A1 Principles

A1.1 The University offers the major awards listed in section A2; other awards may be added as approved by Academic Board, and subject to programme validation.

A1.2 The University offers awards under licence and in partnership with professional bodies such as the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

A1.3 The University has the capacity to offer dual awards in conjunction with other institutions, or programmes leading entirely to awards of other institutions or awarding bodies, under specific validation arrangements.

A1.4 Honorary awards are conferred in recognition of achievement by individuals of significant distinction. These awards are not and should not be compared with academic qualifications.

A2 Major Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Undergraduate AwardAbbreviation
Advanced Diploma AdvDip
Bachelor of Arts BA
Bachelor of Architecture BArch
Bachelor of Education BEd
Bachelor of Engineering BEng
Bachelor of Laws LLB
Bachelor of Osteopathy BOst
Bachelor of Science BSc
Bachelors Advanced Diploma BadDip
Certificate in Education CertEd
Certificate of Higher Education CertHE
Diploma of Higher Education DipHE
Diploma of Higher Education in Legal Studies DipHE
Foundation Degree Arts FdA
Foundation Degree Engineering FdEng
Foundation Degree Science FdSc
Graduate Diploma In Professional Policing Practice GDip
Professional Graduate Diploma PgrDip

Postgraduate Awards

Postgraduate AwardAbbreviation
Postgraduate Certificate in Education PGCE
Postgraduate Certificate in Education iPGCE
Postgraduate Certificate PGCert
Postgraduate Diploma PGDip
Professional Graduate Certificate in Education PrGCE
Integrated Masters* MSubject
Master of Arts MA
Master of Business Administration MBA
Master of Business Research Methods MBRes
Master of Design MDes
Master of Education MEd
Master of Law MLaw
Master of Laws LLM
Master of Research MRes
Master of Science MSc
Master of Ministry MMin
Master of Philosophy MPhil
Master of Professional Practice MPr
Master of Public Health MPH
Master's Advanced Diploma MAdvD

* Integrated Masters Awards currently approved titles:

MArts Master of Creative Expressive Arts and Health Practice, MDes Master of Design, MHist Master of History, MLaw Masters of Law, MLit Master of Literature, MSci Master of Science, MSoc Master of Sociology, MEng Master of Engineering

Higher Doctorate Awards

Higher Doctorate AwardAbbreviation
Doctor of Engineering DEng
Doctor of Laws LLD
Doctor of Letters DLitt
Doctor of Science DSc
Doctor of Technology DTech

Professional Doctorate Awards

Professional Doctorate AwardAbbreviation
Doctor of Education EdD
Doctor of Health and Social Care DHSc
Doctor of Ministry/Religious Care DMin
Doctor of Pharmacy DPhar
Doctor of Psychotherapy DPsy
Doctor of Professional Practice DProf

Doctorate Awards

Doctorate AwardAbbreviation
Doctor of Philosophy PhD

A2.1 Students receive certification on completion of the full award for which they are registered. Where students terminate their studies or transfer to a different programme before they have completed, certification will be issued for the highest intermediate award for which they qualify. Variations to this may be indicated in programme specifications.

A3 Honorary Awards

Honorary AwardAbbreviation
Honorary Master of Arts Hon MA
Honorary Master of Business Administration Hon MBA
Honorary Master of Science Hon MSc
Honorary Master of the University Hon MUniv
Honorary Doctor of Business Administration Hon DBA
Honorary Doctor of Education Hon EdD
Honorary Doctor of Fine Art Hon DFA
Honorary Doctor of Laws Hon LLD
Honorary Doctor of Letters Hon DLitt
Honorary Doctor of Music Hon DMus
Honorary Doctor of Professional Practice Hon PrD
Honorary Doctor of Science Hon DSc
Honorary Doctor of Technology Hon DTech
Honorary Doctor of the University Hon DUniv

A3.1 The following criteria are used in conferring honorary degrees in a specific discipline:

(i) Academic achievements which significantly advance human knowledge in the disciplines represented in the University’s curriculum

(ii) Creative achievements which significantly advance practice in the arts or technology

(iii) Significant achievements in industrial, commercial or professional life

(iv) Educational achievements which exemplify the University’s mission

(v) Social achievements which exemplify the values embedded in the University’s mission or which significantly and positively enhance the context in which the mission is pursued.

A3.2 An Honorary Doctor of the University award without specific discipline is conferred for outstanding achievement in the above criteria, including contributions to the University’s standing. Where the level of distinction is significant but not outstanding, an Honorary Master of the University may be awarded.

A4 Other Awards

Minor Awards

Under Licence

In Partnership with Professional Bodies

* In some circumstances these awards may be validated with a professionally recognised title, such as Practice Certificate.

A5 Aegrotat Awards

A5.1 An aegrotat award for incomplete study is an unclassified award that may be conferred in exceptional circumstances for any taught programme validated by the University including:

A5.2 Assessment Boards may use discretion to confer or recommend conferment of an aegrotat award. The decision must be based on evidence of the student’s performance. Where a student is short only 20 or 40 credits, the assessment board may decide to approve a full classified award rather than an aegrotat award, provided there is sufficient evidence of the student’s potential achievement at the level being applied for.

A5.3 Once approved in principle by the Assessment Board, the offer of an aegrotat award will be made to the student. It will be formally awarded on receipt of confirmation from the student that they wish to accept it, and that they understand that they may not return to the same programme at a later date to improve their final award level or classification.

A5.4 Aegrotat awards should be reported to UABEC, to ensure consistency of practice across the University. Assessment Boards may refer a decision on an aegrotat award to UABEC.

A6 Posthumous Awards

A6.1 Any award of the University, including an aegrotat award, may be conferred posthumously provided appropriate academic evidence exists for the award (A5.2).

A7 Ratification, Conferment and Presentation of Awards

A7.1 University awards and credit are ratified by the Academic Board through the following two bodies:

(i) Academic Development and Quality Committee (ADQC) considers recommendations made by assessment boards for taught programmes and from the University Research and Research Degrees Committee (URRDC) for research programmes.

(ii) University Honorary Awards Committee (UHAC) considers recommendations in respect of honorary awards.

A.7.2 University titles, e.g. professorships, readerships, are awarded by the University Conferments Committee.

A8 Revoking Awards

A8.1 In the event of alleged academic offence(s) relating to and following the conferment of a University Award, the case will be considered through the University Academic Offence regulations (Part J) and would be subject to the same rights of appeal.

If the case is found, the University reserves the right to revoke the award, with the final approval resting with the Academic Board.

All award documentation including the Award Certificate will become invalid, reference requests to the University and electronic records will be updated to show that no valid award exists. Attempted use of previously issued documentation would amount to deception.