Discussions and dialogue

Get Real

Get Real is a discussion group looking at reality through philosophy that takes place every Wednesday, from 12 pm (noon) to 1 pm, at the Multi-Faith Centre

“We are thrown into existence."

"One of our responses is to tell stories about reality – whatever that is.”

This group comes together to evaluate those stories by questioning our assumptions, and hopefully clarifying the concepts as we proceed. The work of this group is not tied to any religion or system of ideas: its purpose is exploratory.

All are welcome to participate in trying to develop worthwhile discussions. Whilst we may regret the fact that answers cannot be guaranteed, it is possible that growth in understanding, clarity of thought, and discussion skills may well develop.


Sean Broome and Reverend Deacon Richard Walsh.

To find out more details, contact the Chaplaincy@derby.ac.uk

Interfaith Buddies

Do you want to make new friends from different backgrounds and countries? Are you curious to learn more about other people’s beliefs? Would you like to have informal conversations around faith and belief and its role in society?

To find out more, email the Chaplaincy@derby.ac.uk or drop into the Multi-Faith Centre.

How do our participants view the group?

“It has been a fantastic safe space for discussions and dialogue." Opportunities to discuss topics that are not always possible to discuss elsewhere including how faith relates to issues around racism, the LGBT+ community, and climate change.

“It was not just a discussion. We learned a lot from reliable people and their resources." Valued input of chaplains with their experience and knowledge.

“We were able to make new friends with people from the same faith as well as different faiths.”

“We developed a sense of belonging to the group over time and had fun.”