Faith Consultants

As well as our Christian and Muslim Chaplains, our University faith consultants are available for advice and faith information and can be contacted at 

Square image of Keith Munnings, Buddhist faith consultant

Keith Munnings
Buddhist Faith Consultant

Keith has been Buddhist Faith Consultant at the University of Derby for more than five years. His particular pastoral care contribution is through face-to-face meditation classes both for staff and students.

Faith consultant Lucia Whitney

Lucia Whitney
Humanist/ Non-Religious Consultant

Lucia worked in the NHS as a psychiatrist and therapist for 30 years. Since retiring she has completed an MA in Existential and Humanist Pastoral Care. Lucia is interested in exploring ideas about how we can all support each other with compassion, especially at difficult times.

Jewish faith consultant Max Rensler

Max Rensler
Jewish Faith Consultant

Max lectured in engineering here at Derby for many years. He's hoping to be of service to anyone who has a Jewish background, or anyone who is interested in Jewish ideas, or anyone who happens to be passing and feels like having a chat!

Image of Kiran Singh from Chaplaincy

Kiran Singh
Sikh Faith Consultant

Kiran currently works for Ofsted as a research lead, and is grateful that she can contribute to research that acts as a force for improvement for all children in England. 'I also have three beautiful children; we are currently learning Gatka and regularly attend Santhiya classes as a family'.