Revision tips for parents

Exam season can be intense. You can’t do it for your young person, so here are some tips for ways you can help them to get through it and manage their stress (and yours!).

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A solid routine will set them in good stead throughout the exam period. Encourage them to plan their time effectively including breaks, sufficient sleep and exercise. Creating a plan early on by working back from exam dates will help avoid stressful cramming and maintain their motivation.

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Wherever their study space is, they need to be able to get in the zone. Ensure that they have access to a quiet, comfortable, undisturbed place with space to spread out their study materials. Try to minimise noise and distractions and ask if they need any resources to revise effectively.

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Offer practical help

You could work through flashcards together, research different revision methods and study apps or suggest placing post-its around the house. Ask questions about the topic they are studying. This will help them to consolidate their understanding and explain it to you in their own words.

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Take the pressure off and create a supportive atmosphere. Look out for signs of stress and worry and let them know you’re there if you need them and you’ll be proud whatever the outcome.

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Down time and rewards

It doesn’t have to be all work, work, work. Whether it’s a biscuit and a cuppa after a morning spent focusing, or a day out at the weekend, give them something to look forward to and let off steam. Planning down time is important to avoid burnout and look after their mental and physical wellbeing.

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Fuel for the brain

Sugar and caffeine may be the stereotypical revision diet but won’t contribute to productivity. Stock the cupboards with nutritious food (think slow release energy and Omega-3) and encourage them to drink plenty of water. Dr Katia Vione’s blog explores the link between diet and exam performance.

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Parents and guardians guidance

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