Online short credit bearing courses

These online courses are university credit bearing, which means they can be used to offset against another qualification. This would reduce the number of modules you would need to study and the total cost of the course. You can also use these courses to support your CPD requirements or simply to upskill.

Online learning has grown massively in recent years and at the University of Derby Online Learning, we are passionate about empowering the professionals of tomorrow. We are constantly continuing to develop and find new ways to deliver our courses so our students can achieve and have the best experience with us. Our online credit bearing courses will give you a taster of how our virtual learning works.

Our online courses go through exactly the same quality assurance as our on-campus courses. High quality standards are an essential part of our university core values; every course we offer will always be worth your time and effort.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills further.

Credit bearing courses