Business and management short courses

Accelerate your career and update your skills with these professional courses in business and management. Subjects include accountancy, purchasing and supply, change management and innovative new topics like systems thinking and lean management methods.

These courses range from half-day workshops to longer programmes which take several months to complete. They cover business and management in its broadest sense, focusing on topics as diverse as supply chain management, strategic marketing, GDPR, events safety and health and social care leadership.

Professional body courses

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) provide benchmark education programmes globally for procurement and supply professionals. Here at Derby, we offer the CIPS Diploma in Procurement and Supply - Level 4 and are one of only a handful of CIPS Centres of Excellence. This means we are assessed by an independent auditor from CIPS every year to check our teaching meets this body's high professional standards.

Skills in these areas are currently in high demand, as businesses struggle to deal with supply challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. A CIPS qualification demonstrates you have reached a high professional standard and are aware of the latest laws, regulations and best practices. It can improve your employment and progression prospects within the industry. 

Why Derby?

Here's why you should consider studying with us:

  • We are one of only a handful of CIPS Centres of Excellence. This means we are assessed by an independent auditor from CIPS every year to check our teaching meets this body's high professional standards
  • Our tutors are also assessors for CIPS, so they know the type of exam questions you are likely to encounter and how CIPS expects you to answer them

You can apply directly to the University for this programme using our online system. 

How will you study?

You'll study at weekly classes where you can share ideas with fellow students to stimulate debate and enrich your learning. 

Do I qualify for exemptions?

Depending on your prior learning, you may qualify for an exemption to individual study units or even levels. Exemptions are designed to make sure that you do not repeat learning that has already been undertaken and recognised. Exemptions are given by CIPS, not the University, and for details of the requirements, the cost, and how to apply for exemptions, please see the CIPS website.

Expert teaching

If you choose to study a short course with us, you’ll get the same high standard of teaching as students on our degree programmes.

Online and free courses

We also offer a number of online courses and also free courses. Click the arrows below to expand each respective list.

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