eSubmission is the process of submitting assignments electronically online.

It allows the student to submit a digital copy of their work and for academics to retrieve student's work in their own time through Course Resources (Blackboard). As more students produce digital work it is important to provide them with a way to submit this for assessment quickly and easily. Technology allows us to do this integrating the submission and feedback process within systems familiar to the student like Course Resources.

Why would I use technology to aid submission?

How do I use technology to do this?

The technology you use to provide students to submit their work electronically will depend upon the format of the submission.

Text-based submissions

TurnitinUK accepts most submission types but is particularly useful for text-based submission as it provides an Originality Report to compare text within the submitted work with other sources. It also provides a number of different marking tools including in-line grading, drag and drop comments, audio feedback and rubrics. The majority of eSubmission points will be set up using TurnitinUK, although it is limited to files of a maximum of 20MB.

Creating a submission point in TurnitinUK

Other submissions

The assignment tool within Course Resources does not provide an originality report but it does still provide a number of different marking tools including inline grading, drawing tools, text and audio feedback. It also allows you to submit files bigger than 20MB.

Guide to creating an assignment submission point

If you ever have problems accessing the system take a look at What can I do if I can't access the system?, this will guide you through the process of getting help. Support for students can be found at This helps to explain the eSubmission process and provides information on where students need to go to get help.

The below pages will talk you through the eSubmission process: