This page is for those who are acting as internal or external moderators on modules, which have some form of eSubmission.

The resources here will guide you through how to moderate student marks and feedback whether submissions have been made to TurnitinUK or Course Resources assignment tool.

Before you start

You will first need to make sure that you can access the modules in Course Resources. If you need to be added to a module then you should contact your College admin team or module leader who should be able to get you access to the module.

Viewing student submissions

It is likely that there may be more than one submission point for each assignment to accommodate extensions and sometimes referrals. If you are unsure which submission points to view check with the module leader.

When you review student submissions you have the technical ability to add comments on the student's paper. Please do not add comments in this way as students will be able to see them.

The below guides should talk you through the process of accessing student submissions. Please note for internal moderators skip to the instructions on accessing student submissions.

Communicating with the module tutor or another moderator

If you are negotiating a grade or would like to record a comment about a piece of student work, please record this outside of Course Resources within another document. If you change anything in the feedback it is possible that students will be able to see this. Discuss with others how you would like to communicate your assessment and develop a process which works for you.

Technical problems

For login problems and other technical issues please contact the IT Service Desk at