Electronic Marking

The way that you mark student's electronic submissions will depend upon which tool was used to collect the submissions. Most submissions are collected using the TurnitinUK assignment tool; as part of this tool you have access to a feedback system called GradeMark.

Marking with TurnitinUK assignment tool

Alternatively you may have used the Course Resources assignment tool, this tool also comes with inline marking and an area for leaving general feedback.

To access student submissions to TurnitinUK follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to Course Resources.
  2. Click on the module which the students have submitted to.
  3. Click the Module Tools link in the Control Panel on the left.
  4. Select TurnitinUK Assignments from the list
  5. Click the name of the submission area.
  6. Here you will see a list of the students who have submitted their work
  7. Click on the pencil icon next to the submission.

Below are a series of Guides, which should help you to use the marking tools in Turnitin.

Marking with Course Resources assignment tool

The Course Resources assignment tool works with the Grade Centre in your module. This is where you can access the student submissions and leave feedback. Below are some guides on using the marking tools in the Course Resources assignment tool:

Other feedback options

You may also wish to consider providing audio or audio-video feedback which can be done separately or in conjunction with the marking tools mentioned above.

Hints and Tips for using GradeMark

When writing the general feedback it is best to do this within a Word document first and then copy and paste this across to the general feedback area. This ensures that you can save the work as you go along but also provides you with an overview of the general feedback all in one place. It also provides a spell check which is not available in GradeMark.

Tips to consider for your well being

Print to Mark for TurnitinUK Assignments

The Print to Mark system lets you print student submissions for a TurnitinUK assignment. Assignments are printed by the Estates Print Department and then delivered to your college office.

Marking Offline

There may be circumstances, which arise where you need to mark a student's work offline. This could be due to inadequate broadband or dial up connection, restrictions on download and upload limits at home or TurnitinUK and Course Resources assignment tool not offering the feedback options required for some of your students (e.g. different text colour, background colour, access via assistive technology).

For both submission points the process is the following:

If you need help with the process of marking student work offline then please contact learningtechs@derby.ac.uk