iCeGS Annual Lecture Series

Since the start, iCeGS has always run a programme of events and activities to inform people’s continuing professional development (CPD). These have included a seminar programme, conferences and our flagship Annual Lecture.

iCeGS Annual Lectures

Our annual lecture series began in 1998 with Professor Tony Watts’ inaugural lecture, Reshaping Career Development for the 21st Century. The lectures have been an important opportunity to engage with people working in the international career development space. Our lectures have also become a vital calendar event as they fall in December and have provided an excellent opportunity for members of the sector to connect and celebrate with a mince pie and a drink, to celebrate our achievements over the year and to look forward to the next. The list of topics covered in our lectures has been expansive and we have been fortunate to have heard from a long list of thought leaders in the sector.

The Last 25 Years
  • 1998 Tony Watts
  • 2000 Anne Weinstock
  • 2002 Michael Arthur
  • 2009 Barrie Hopson
  • 2010 John Hayes
  • 2011 Michael Davis
  • 2012 Ewart Keep
  • 2013 Wendy Hirsh
  • 2014 Tony Watts
  • 2017 Noa Gafni

Professor Peter Robertson iCeGS Annual Lecture

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Annual Lectures 1999 to 2022

Ribeiro, M (2022). Constructing contextualised theories in career guidance and counselling – A North-South intercultural dialogue. Derby iCeGS - International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.

Andrews, D (2019). 'Is Gatsby great for careers education? A vision for the future of career learning in schools' Derby. International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby