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A/r/tography is a research methodology that addresses pedagogy (method and practice of teaching in relation to an academic subject) through the lens of the multiple identities of the artist/creative, researcher and teacher. The artistic medium engages the self through embodied learning to reflect on one’s practice as a teacher through their artistic sensibility. The methodology offers a fluid and dynamic orientation that is not based on a final research outcome, but rather a deepened understanding through a living inquiry of one’s practice. The methodology is not reliant on logical development but explores the intuitive self and the many tensions and contradictions through the creative process.

Our aims

The A/r/tography Research Cluster is about self-study in the context of a community of a/r/tographers to find new meanings through the dynamics of this interconnected relationship. The research cluster offers opportunity in a community context to develop oneself as a researcher/creative to inform teaching practice. The intention is to develop a supportive network to share visual artworks, designs, films, installations, dance, musical compositions, dramatic work, poems, stories and research narratives to inform professional development through a co-creative dynamic. It is through the co-creative dynamic that new knowledge of pedagogy is constructed.

A/r/tography is not goal-focused but a process-orientated research approach that uncovers questions through continual inquiry. The creation and construction of pedagogic knowledge happens in the dynamic exchange between self and other. Through these exchanges, different voices are honoured which lends itself to a multidirectional process of becoming more aware of ourselves as teachers, artists and researchers. A/r/tography celebrates the interconnection between the personal and professional and recognises the importance of challenging dualistic thinking.

A/r/tography aims to:

“A/r/tography is an innovative and powerful research tool that supports my research and applied theatre practice. I have used this approach working with my students, developing my practice in schools with children, and internationally in refugee camps in Palestine” - Dr Ava Hunt

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If you are interested in our research, want to join our research cluster or are considering applying for a PhD in this area, please contact Dr Ava Hunt for more information.


An article for JAR – a peer-reviewed website- was submitted on 31st January 2023. The article is currently being reviewed for publication. It explores an a/r/tography project that I delivered in both the UK and Palestine titled “The Kites Are Flying” - a multimedia project using film, a solo performance and workshop delivery - Dr Hunt.