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Dr Jill Bunce

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Jill at a workshop at the University of Derby.


Therapeutic Arts


College of Arts, Humanities and Education


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I am Doctor Jill Bunce and I teach on the MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy course. I led the programme from 2010 until 2019, I now support the teaching team and provide expertise and experience in research and teaching. I provide workshops for the departments of therapeutic arts, counselling, and psychotherapy as well as for conferences and European and International training. I work with clients, carers, and in schools. My doctorate informs my work on assessment and curriculum design. It is important for me to continuously adapt and learn as a teacher.

I support training as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist which is regarded as necessary preparation for the work as a therapist. I do this through supporting students, alumni and supervising professionals. I have experience in supporting students on placement and I am in touch with workplace opportunities and the development of Dance Movement Psychotherapy with adults. I am a supervisor for Dance Movement Psychotherapy and travel to Europe to do workshops and lectures and I have worked in Hong Kong, USA, Europe and Australia.

I support work with the mental health of children in schools and with charities as I am a qualified Educational Psychotherapist who assists with children's mental health and learning. I am a member of HIPC college for UKCP and I am a second assessor for the UKCP. I am Chair of the accreditation committee for ADMP which is the registering body for Dance Movement Psychotherapy, under the auspices of UKCP.

I have worked in the community with Parkinson's Disease and attended World Parkinson's Day in Australia in 2019 and assisted in the performance and group work in Canberra. I am working on extending my knowledge through a piece of research which will assist in developing the understanding of Parkinson's disease for the benefit of patients everywhere.

I now supervise doctoral students at the University of Derby.

Teaching responsibilities

I lead and teach on modules that underpin the understanding of the relationship between body and mind; I teach on The Body Of Work: Independent Study module which involves performance as communication of therapeutic values and the integration of personal process with a research project. As well as this, I lead the professional standards and practice of teaching informed by research.

I am a leading researcher in the field of Parkinson's disease and progressive neurological disease and have published materials on these topics that have provided useful insights in relation to psychotherapy in dance and movement. I also lead on the experiential modules whereby movement and dance are the mediums for exploring emotion and self-expression in a group context for the purposes of training.

I am interested in the unconscious process involved in the making and understanding of the Arts and in particular the role of culture and its relationship to dance. I teach the significance of movement to dance and to the development of self and other and the interconnections of ecosystems and society and well-being.

Professional interests

I am involved in the development of the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy and its relationship with the UKCP. I am also the Chair of the Accreditation Committee of ADMP. I work with children in developing and increasing experience and interventions in play and therapeutic experience as an opportunity to provide for children's welfare and mental health needs.

I trained as an Educational Psychotherapist as well as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist which has informed my work in looking at sensory and artistic expression as a container for emotion and support for cognitive development.

Research interests

I am interested in all aspects of research in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I have continued my research into work with Parkinson's disease and I am interested in using digital and creative means in capturing the psychotherapeutic significance of movement and expressive dance. I was a Visiting Research fellow at Winchester University from 2014-2020, during this time I gave an inaugural lecture on Parkinson's disease. I was a member of the research seminars for the centre of Arts and Well-being during a research week that took place from 27 April to 1 May 2015.

I contributed to the Summer school in Finland for Teachers in Training in June 2015 by giving a lecture on ‘The Squiggle’ and the work of Winnicott. JAMK University of Applied Science Teaching Education Programme.

I have acted as supervisor to an EDD doctoral student from 2011. The student completed her doctorate successfully in September 2016, she received a commendation for her Viva. (A Study of Dyslexia and its Neurological Roots and the Implications for Teaching Training in Higher Education)

I have been an external examiner for a PhD student who studied at Roehampton University, who was a RDMP, (Examination of the Neurological and DMP Interventions in her clinical work). Her work was conducted with parents and children in 2017

Supervisor for Professional Doctorate in Health 2018 onwards.

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