Edward Schofield

An Investigation into the Efficacy of Heatsink Design with Varying Levels of Active Cooling

One of my largest interests, long before I embarked on an engineering career path, is Formula 1, which, in turn, has lent itself to my engineering work in aerodynamics and thermodynamics at work and University. Typically then, I was looking forward to the thermodynamics modules within the course, especially the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) module that applied the theories learnt in the 1st Year module.

Given my interest, my third-year project could only be an extension of that CFD module taught by Dani Harmanto. Building further on the understanding of simulations carried out at a static temperature (in Year 2) by introducing a heat source and variable heatsink design for optimal heat transfer within a constrained volume.

My degree was a part-time one, spread over 4 years. I completed a decelerated Foundation Degree (2 years) and then an accelerated Bachelor's top-up. All the while I was employed as a Design Apprentice at Rolls-Royce for the first three years and then promoted to the role of Engineering Transformation Lead (Business Improvement) within the Services Section of the Civil Aviation Business.

Despite my academic studies having come to a close, I have found that this position nevertheless offers great opportunities to continue learning in the workplace given the multitude of circumstances presented by the role.

Download Edward's full project report (PDF) (this pdf document is not fully accessible)

Edward Schofield smiling and wearing a blue Rolls-Royce lanyard

Edward Schofield
BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

I am an engineering student in my final year at Derby, in addition to working full-time as a Services Engineer at Rolls-Royce. In my free time, I am working hard to develop my software development skills to augment my understanding of the digital solutions I am shaping at Rolls-Royce.


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