Andrea Chiarenza

My area of interest covers innovative materials and additive manufacturing methods, which inspired me to research an innovative idea for a consumer product that might be potentially improved by this solution: a surfboard. The combination of Functionally Graded Materials and Additive Manufacturing aims to improve the performance of several products currently available in the market. The research has been performed using virtual simulation, specifically CAD and FEA software.

Despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the quality of human and technical support offered by the University of Derby has been outstanding. My future plans include a continuous improvement of my technical knowledge and set of skills. Thanks to my degree, I am now working as engineer for a multinational manufacturing corporation.

Performance Analysis of a Surfboard with Functionally Graded Additive Manufactured Core

When it comes to technological innovation, Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) play a unique role as they enable to combine the irreconcilable properties of sandwich structures and solve most of their typical issues. The concept of topology optimisation allows the creation of high-performance structures by strategically rearrange their density. This can be achieved by current Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions, that overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods. This project presents an innovative surfboard featuring a functionally graded core, focusing on the benefits that make this board stand out among its traditional counterparts. Furthermore, special attention is dedicated to the great level of customisation and sustainability of this solution, allowing the surfers to fully enjoy a high-performance product, with no compromise on surfing experience or environmental concerns. This project highlights the improvement in the performance of a surfboard brought by a functionally graded honeycomb core and sets the foundation for future analyses and potential commercial applications.





Core material selection


Effective properties of the honeycomb core




Download Andrea's project overview poster (PDF) (this pdf document is not fully accessible but the contents within it can be viewed via the content on this page)

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Andrea Chiarenza
BEng (Hons) Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

An ambitious and enthusiastic engineer, I am continuously looking for new opportunities of growth and improvement. I feel motivated to thrive in my career and to apply all the analytical skills acquired during my academic years to contribute to the success of a company.


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