Ed Hollands - Undergraduate - University of Derby

Ed Hollands, Business Management graduate

Ed Hollands, Founder and Managing Director of The Advert Man Ltd secures funding on the BBC series Dragons’ Den

Ed's story

Ed ‘The Advert Man’ Hollands graduated from the College of Business with a BA Business Studies (1st).

Using the skills and networks he built during his degree, Ed founded his own business, Driven Media, and the University of Derby continued to support Ed as a graduate entrepreneur. 

The 23 year old owner of DrivenMedia has spent the last two years building his business by using the advertising ‘space’ on the sides of trucks and lorries to market products and services. This service has allowed companies to take advantage of the UK’s densely populated roads and motorways to target commuters.

He has also recently featured on an episode of Dragons’ Den and pitched to the Dragons, where Jenny Campbell was inspired by both his ambition and drive. She offered an investment of £30,000 for a 20 percent share in his business – an offer he was happy to accept.

The service provides businesses the opportunity to advertise locally, regionally or nationally, and supports UK industry by providing an extra revenue stream to small and medium logistics companies.

"Derby Uni has been fantastic. Staff were involved and encouraging throughout my studies. Since my graduation, they have kept in touch and continued to provide practical support to me in my venture.”

Beginning a journey

Ed grew up taking inspiration from successful business figures, such as Richard Branson. With an entrepreneurial spark, he wished to study a business degree that would provide the knowledge and skills to fuel his ambitions.

From his first visit to the University of Derby, Ed knew it was for him. Once he began his studies, he threw himself into university life and took up all opportunities provided by University of Derby. He made presentations and attended networking events.

It was at one of these networking events that Ed met Graham Mulholland, CEO of EPM Technologies. Graham saw promise in Ed, and they were paired up as mentor and mentee by the College of Business.

Road to success

Within months of graduating, Ed began the challenging process of starting his own business.

He founded The Advert Man Ltd, and began his Driven Media initiative, with the continued support of Derby Business School and his mentor Graham.

Since then, the business hasn’t stopped growing. As Ed accumulated more loyal customers and the word spread of the new innovative idea, he saw the opportunity to acquire further investment. This is when Ed brought his idea to the Dragons Den, which landed him an additional £30,000 investment and an invaluable partnership with legendary entrepreneur Jenny Campbell.

He feels the skills, knowledge and networks that studying Business Studies at the University of Derby provided him were instrumental in launching and running The Advert Man Ltd.

University of Derby are delighted for our graduate, it has been a pleasure to work with him to create the Derby Uni Lorries campaign. We will continue to support his endeavours and look forward to seeing what he achieves.

"The Dragons leave nothing to chance and will grill you over your business idea, your vision and your financials. I’m so humbled by the fact that Jenny Campbell has seen my potential and I’m looking forward to learning from her"