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the right
blend of
theory and

Ioana Bactu could have studied anywhere. As a 19-year-old in Bucharest, Romania, with an ambition of starting her career, she looked at courses and opportunities that would help create her future. She chose Derby.

Looking for the right fit

Coming from Romania, Ioana had plenty of options to consider. She says she came to Derby to study our BA (Hons) Business Management because of the quality of the course. Ioana specifically wanted the blending of theory with practice. She wanted to generate a deeper understanding of the subject matter by working in businesses while having constant support from the University.

She says: “Another reason I chose Derby is because I’d be able to get a personal connection with my tutors and University staff. Being able to develop interpersonal relationships was a crucial element I considered while thinking and deciding upon my options.”

Her reasons for choosing Derby were also practical as the city provided the right environment for her. Ioana says: “A university like Derby offers students a more intimate experience, a strong sense of community. Academics are focused on teaching, but also on providing support to each individual. All staff members seek to improve the overall student experience, the community around the city is welcoming and approachable, and, finally, the students community is diverse and friendly.”

Ioana from Romania

Saying ‘yes’

Ioana likes to say her time at Derby has been “a mixture of everything, from professional development to personal growth, passion, cultural insights and people”.

What does she view as her greatest achievement? “The fact that I have managed to make the most out of the journey. I’ve become more independent and learned how to see the benefits out of any experience. I’ve grown ‘Derby’ and I wouldn’t change anything about it.”

While her undergraduate is complete, Ioana recently started a postgraduate course in MSc Marketing Management with us. Alongside studying, she puts her skills into practice as a Social Media Assistant at the University. Ioana says: "This has been my most valuable and insightful career experience so far  as everyday it puts me face to face to real-world work-environment challenges.”

As for what’s next? “Derby has taught to say ‘Yes’ to any opportunity that comes up," she says. "Therefore, my plan is to complete my masters degree, make the most of my current role and be excited what the future has in store for me.”