Charlotte Wilson - Undergraduate - University of Derby


Derby Business School Student Profiles Charlotte Wilson

“After graduating from Derby I went straight into a graduate training scheme with HSBC”
Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte studied a joint honours degree in Business Management with Maths and now works for HSBC.

Before coming to Derby

Unlike many people, I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do once I had finished my A-Levels. I did know that I really enjoyed studying business, but I also wanted to differentiate myself from other students by combining this with something different.

I had done maths at A-Level and enjoyed it, so I thought by combining that with business, it would give me a wider experience and a greater skill set.

About the course

I studied a varied amount of topics, from global business, economics and accounting to operational research and mathematical modelling. I particularly enjoyed the economics and international business side of my degree.

I also studied other business cultures and investigated how completely different doing business is in China compared to the UK.

International student culture

It really helps that you have such a diverse student base at the University. Almost every section of the world is represented in the student community, meaning you can learn first hand what it is like to study, learn and do business all over the world.

Support and facilities

The lecturers do all they can to support you in your degree - especially when you are working with them one to one on your dissertation. I certainly wouldn't have got such a good grade in my dissertation with the help of my tutor!

The facillities at Derby have definitely changed since I was a student. The Learning Centre has had a great makeover, making it much more friendly and open and a great learning space.

Challenging aspects

The most challenging aspect of my course was getting to grips with the computer programming involved in my maths modules. It really is like another language to have to learn, but once you have it, it sticks with you.

Life after university

After graduating from Derby I went straight into a graduate training scheme with HSBC. On a day to day basis I am involved in several projects such as gaining new bank customers through our external relationships with professionals in the area, developing strategies to introduce customers to more structured products such as Invoice Finance and helping my Area Director to communicate new bank strategies and devlopment plans.