School of Built and Natural Environment staff

Deb wearing a blue sweater with a pink striped shirt, smiling, outdoors
Lecturer in Human and Developmental Geography

Dr Debadayita (Deb) Raha is a lecturer in Human and Developmental Geography at the University of Derby. Her research interests lie in the multidisciplinary field of social science and environmental impact on people's lives. She has previously worked at the University of Nottingham looking at whole systems analysis of small scale renewable energy for rural communities in UK and India.

Dr Andrew Ramsey working in a lab with water crustacean.
Head of Discipline Environmental Sciences

Andrew is an ecologist and conservation biologist and teach these specialisms at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is a Programme Leader for Zoology and supervises a range of PhD students. Andrew is also the research lead for 'Eco-sustainability and evolution' in the University of Derby's 'Environmental Sustainability Research Centre'.

Emeritus Professor

Hugh is an Emeritus Professor within the Department of Science and Engineering.

Graham Rowe
Lecturer in Biological Sciences

Graham's background in molecular ecology enables him to teach a wide breadth of subjects. His teaching ranges from molecular genetics and DNA technologies, molecular evolution, population and conservation genetics, through to ecology, conservation biology and macroevolution.

Senior Lecturer in Petroleum Geology

Dorothy is a Senior Lecturer in Petroleum Geology.

Programme Leader BSc Civil Engineering BEng Civil Engineering MSc Civil Engineering and Construction Management

Derek was in the Civil Engineering Industry for over 20 years undertaking Design and Supervision of Highway and Drainage Projects in the UK. He has been at the University for 15 years and is the Academic Lead for the Civil Engineering laboratories and Programme Leader for UnderGraduate and Post Graduate Civil Engineering and Construction Management Programmes

Senior Lecturer in Geology

Roger is a Senior Lecturer in Geology.

Dr Michael Sweet out on a field trip
Professor in Molecular Ecology

Michael is an Associate Professor in Aquatic Biology. In addition to his teaching and research supervision responsibilities at the University, he is the manager of the Aquatic Research Facility, which was funded through his partnership with SeaLife. He has won numerous awards, including the Charles Darwin Award lecture from the British Science Association.

Oliver Tomlinson in front of some vegetation
Senior Lecturer in Geography

Oliver is a Senior Lecturer in Geography.

Eleni Tracada
Lecturer in Architecture

Lecturer in Architecture.