School of Built and Natural Environment staff

Melissa Di Giovanni
Postgraduate Research Student

Melissa is a postgraduate research student whose current research investigates how cognitive and psychological factors influence drawing ability and affect the design experience for students in design education. 

Dr David Elliott sampling soil in central Australia
Associate Professor in Microbiology

Dr. David Elliott is a microbial ecologist specialising in the roles of microbes in low productivity soils including drylands and the cryosphere. He leads the BSc (hons) Biology programme and teaches a variety of topics in Human and Environmental Sciences.

Lecturer of Economic Geology

Dr Holly Elliott is an Economic Geologist at the University of Derby. Recently, she has been involved in research relating to the formation of rare earth element deposits associated with carbonatite magmatic systems.

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Mike is a lecture in civil engineering and assistant programme leader for the civil engineering degree apprenticeship programme.

Senior Lecturer in Geography

Howard is a Senior Lecturer in Geography.

Omar Hamza standing in front of a powerpoint presentation titled 'Digitalisation in managing railway geotechnical assets'.
Associate Professor in Civil Engineering

Omar is an associate professor and chartered civil engineer with a research interest in nature-driven self-healing concrete for underground construction, geohazard assessment of natural and infrastructure slopes affected by climate change, and low-carbon data-driven design solutions.

Rosemary smiling
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management

Rosemary is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Management. Her current role is within the College of Science and Engineering, in the School of Built and Natural Environmental. She tends to be involved in modules that discuss sustainability and environmental management issues and is currently the Sustainability Lead within the school.

Maren Huck holding a cat around her neck
Lecturer in Animal Behavioural Ecology

Dr Maren Huck is the Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Zoology and also the subject lead for "with-Foundation" programmes in Environmental Sciences. Her teaching focuses on animal behavioural ecology and related topics.

Andrew wearing a backpack on top of a mountain, smiling and wearing a gold medal.
Visiting Research Fellow (formerly University Reader) in Sclerochronology

Andrew is a Visiting Research Fellow. 

Interim Head of School, Built and Natural Environments

Peter is a Biomedical Engineer who has worked on the design, construction and application of advanced electronics to prosthetic limbs.