School of Built and Natural Environment staff

Karim Vahed observing a scaly cricket on a stone he's holding
Professor of Entomology

Karim is a Professor of Entomology and a Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences.

Senior Lecturer Product Design

Mike is Senior Lecturer in Product Design.

Sian Davies-Vollum
Head of School - Built and Natural Environment

Sian Davies-Vollum is Head of School of Environmental Sciences. She is a geologist/physical geographer with specific expertise in sedimentology. She is interested in environmental and climate change on both geological and recent time scales. Her current research in Ghana focuses on the impacts of climate change at the coast. 

Technical Advisor - Bioscience

Angela Ward is a Senior Technical Advisor in the College of Life and Natural Sciences, specialising in the support of  the Biology and Zoology programmes.

Senior Lecturer in Geology

Adrian is a Senior Lecturer in Geology and the Study Abroad Coordinator for Geology.

Simon Wood monitoring a masonry wall
Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering Programme Leader: BEng Civil and Infrastructure Engineering/MEng Civil Engineering

Simon is the Programme Leader for the BEng Civil Engineering (Apprenticeship) and has over ten years of teaching experience. He is a member of the Internal Masonry Society (MIMS) and has experience as a civil and structural engineer within a design consultancy. He is reading for a PhD in Masonry Design from the University of Leeds.