Strategic Science Ltd

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Strategic Science Ltd requested an Android application to be designed to control the bait boat remotely for finding fish. They required an application to enable them to steer the boat in various directions over the WiFi network.

Issue to be resolved 

The University of Derby helped Strategic Science through the ERDF TEM project to design a bait boat that enabled them to capture fish. The boat contains multiple motors enabling it to steer in the direction of the fish catch. They now want to remotely control the boat using an Android-based application.

Action taken 

The University of Derby designed an Android application that provided the ability to manoeuvre the bait boat remotely through an Android-based mobile phone over the WiFi network. 


An Android-based application to control the bait boat via android mobile phone. It has google maps embedded within the application to ensure navigation (a joystick provided to turn the boat right, left, forward and reverse) and TCP communication channels to communicate between the Android application and the Raspberry Pi configured within the bait boat.  

Next steps

Prepare route to manufacture and design prototype tests.

Any other information

Buttons to turn the lights on/off, check the status of the bait and hook have been added to assist the SME for adding further functionality to the Android application.

Here is a screenshot of the Bait boat application - Figure 1:

a screen shot of a bait boat application

 Figure 1- Bait boat application indicating the location of the boat with joystick on the left hand side and buttons for various functionality on the right hand side.