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Evolution Composites Ltd have produced some new type of sandwich panels using recycled PET and basalt skin. In order to bring it to the market impact testing results will be an advantage to them while a comparison study between virgin and recycled PET will help sell their product. 

Why engage with TEM?

Impact testing data was missing hence the data in accordance with the respective standards will aid in selling their products. The testing was planned to be done on both recycled and virgin PET sandwich material so that a comparison could be made.

What was the impact of TEM?

The TEM project provided an impact testing  to be done, on 10 repeats of Virgin PET sandwich composite and recycled PET sandwich composite material in accordance with S EN ISO 180/A: 2000 + A2: 2013 followed by the comparison study.

Recycled PET was found to be better than virgin PET core. Hence, cheaper raw material can be used by the SME while preserving the environment. The desk based research as well confirmed the latter. 

Later on the project was referred to the ERDF Low Carbonfor additional mechanical testing. To find out more about the ERDF Low Carbon

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