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Devtank Ltd

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Devtank Ltd is an open source engineering company. Their focus and expertise is in providing product design; together with test, measurement and automation solutions using a talent pool of hardware and software experts.

Why engage with TEM?

Devtank operate in multiple disciplines including aerospace support equipment, telemetry systems, engine control systems, signal conditioning modules and many other hybrid applications. All of these disciplines are generating large amounts of data on daily basis.

Each data type has its own characteristics and requirement. For example a dataset of audio files will consist of one dimensional signals, whereas a dataset of images or videos will be two dimensional.

In order to have useful insights from this data and to improve the manufacturing process, they require a data analytics system capable of intelligent processing within a reasonable amount of time. Suitable algorithms along with an execution platform needed to be identified.

What was the impact of TEM?

The TEM project provided a recommendation report in terms of the type of algorithms to be used depending upon the input data. They also proposed a design and underlying infrastructure of the algorithms.

The processing algorithm was selected on the basis of the types of data being considered. The selection of correct algorithms for specific data types increased the accuracy of the overall system and consequently improved the whole manufacturing process. The speed of the process directly impacts processing time, energy consumption and the performance of the system. This also reduces costs since the efficient completion of the process immediately frees up resources.

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