Running Package

Whether you are starting out as a runner, aiming to improve your personal best or preparing specifically for a competition we have a bespoke service to support you.

Our services are specifically tailored to provide support for athletes of all levels, from beginners to elite performers. Our expert team offer in-depth analyses of running technique and accurate physiological testing to help you personalise and make the most of your training.

Physiology Assessment

Physiological performance tests ensure you are on the right track with your performance and support effective training. If you don’t know what is limiting you, then how do you know what training to do to improve? Or what intensity to train at for any given session?

Whatever your reason for exercising; being competitive during sports, taking part in charity challenges or just keeping fit, we can help you make the most of your exercise and training. Runners of all abilities can benefit from physiological testing. Maybe it will help you set a marker for future comparison, assess what makes you the runner you are, or actually direct training through identifying strengths and weakness.

Using the same techniques used to assess and monitor the performance levels of Olympic and professional athletes we offer a range of packages to assess your performance and monitor your progress. Our comprehensively equipped laboratory allows for controlled testing procedures using state of the art equipment.

Ever wondered just how good professional runners are? Why not book our experience package to find out how your compare to the best in the World?

The laboratory experience package has been designed to provide you with accurate physiological data that can be used to guide your training and ensure that you can perform optimally during competition. Data from this package can be used to establish training zones and individualise your training programme. It will also identify your strengths and weaknesses and establish just how you compare to an elite runner.  

What's involved?

 This package includes the following battery of tests:

  • Blood lactate assessment during sub-maximal treadmill protocol
  • Lactate threshold is one of the most commonly, and effectively assessed performance markers. The point is to learn the highest intensity at which you race and train before ‘hitting the wall’ from high levels of blood lactate. The aim of this test is to determine your highest sustainable level of lactate accumulation before it seriously hinders your performance (your lactate threshold)
  • The most accurate way to determine lactate threshold is via a graded exercise test on the treadmill. During the test, running velocity will be increased from low intensity at 3 minute intervals with finger prick blood samples being taken in between each increment. Heart rate and RPE will also be measured throughout the test. The treadmill test lasts for around 20 - 30 minutes – this is not an ‘all out’ maximum test

Following these tests you will be provided with all results, an explanation of what each metric means to you and your running, and a comparison to professional athletes. We will also identify some specific training you can do to target each of the metrics.

 Cost: £105

If you would like to book this package please contact the Human Performance Unit at

If you’re serious about your running, take the next step to optimising your performance with our advanced package. Any level of athlete can benefit from our comprehensive assessment. You get all the benefits of the experience package with body composition and blood lactate assessment but with this package we go further. Breath-by-breath gas analysis, VO2 max / peak and running efficiency measurements are also included within this test.

What's involved?

This package includes the following battery of tests:

  • A sub-maximal incremental step test on the treadmill where running velocity is increased from low intensity at 3 minute intervals. Following each stage, capillary blood samples, heart rate and RPE will be measured with breath-by-breath gas analysis also being undertaken. This allows the following measures to be calculated:
    • LT1 (lactate threshold) and LT2 (lactate turnpoint). Both critical for understanding current performance and calculating effective training zones


  • A maximal ramp test where the intensity (gradient / velocity) will be increased every minute until you reach maximum effort. Measures of heart rate, RPE, blood lactate will be collected alongside breath-by-breath gas analysis. This allows the following measures to be calculated:
    • VO2 max /peak
    • Running economy – this is a key aspect of longer duration endurance performance. Economy is the VO2 required to run at sub-maximal speeds. It can be used to predict race performance

This package comes with advanced analysis of your results and training zones, and provides you with additional accurate performance modelling and comparison to professionals. It also identifies specific sessions which you can target to improve your weaknesses and maximise your strengths.

Cost: £150

If you would like to book this package please contact the Human Performance Unit at

Your performance is a combined result of all runs you complete in the lead up to it. To maximise this performance, it is crucial that you prepare with logic and structure. Take your training to the next level with a personalised training plan, tailored to your current fitness level and cycling goals. Based on the results of a physiological laboratory test, let us design a simple, easy to follow training programme which will encourage you to get out there and run. 

What's involved?

This package includes:

 Advanced physiology running:

  • Sub-maximal incremental step test to provide measures of lactate turnpoint and lactate threshold
  • Maximal ramp test to provide measures of VO2 max / peak
  • Assessment of running Economy
  • This assessment comes with an advanced analysis of your results. It outlines bespoke training zones, provides you with some accurate performance modelling and compares your performance to that of professional athletes

Personalised training plan: 

  • Take your training to the next level with a personalised training plan. Designed by experienced running coach Jake Lowe, our plans cater for all levels of ability and are personalised around you and your goal. Based on the results of your physiology test we will devise a simple, easy to follow training plan that includes fun and creative sessions to help you to complete your challenge, achieve a personal best or simply get out there and run

Cost: £160

If you would like to book this package please contact the Human Performance Unit at



In preparation for his upcoming marathon, Jake Lowe, Running with Jake, takes part in a blood lactate and heart rate test, part of the Human Performance Unit's Running Package.

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