Golf Package

Our expert team are working with Science Caddie to offer in-depth testing to help you personalise and make the most of your golfing performance.

Biomechanical Analysis - Power

Want to hit longer drives?

The Human Performance Unit is working with Science Caddie to offer a Biomechanical Analysis of the Golf Swing.

This analysis involves 3D motion capture of your swing, as well as measurement of the forces that you produce when interacting with the ground. This analysis has been designed to focus on the key movements that are responsible for hitting the ball a long way. Variables such as X Factor, X Factor Stretch, Kinematic Sequencing, Timing of Wrist Break and Ground Reaction Forces will be assessed.

Once the analysis is complete you will be given an online report, highlighting your areas of strength and the areas you could work on to hit the ball further. To learn more about this analysis and book your appointment please visit the Science Caddie website.