Changes to Regulations - 21/22

Change Approved at Regulatory Framework Committee (RFC)SectionKey Change Details - please read full section for full set of changes.Academic Board ApprovalWith Effect From
May 2021 RFC  Part I - Exceptional Extenuating circumsntances Policy 

Policy amended to include route of appeal based on specific grounds (I2)

Policy amended to specify that End Point Assessments for apprentice students are not eligible for an EEC (I1.7)

* note: a briefing note will be issued to EEC panels for guidance

July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22
June 2021 RFC Fitness to Participate in University Life Policy (FITPUL) Fitness to Participate Policy amended to include clear levels of escalation and the ability for the outcome of the procedure to include the ability to withdraw a student from their programme of study.  July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22
June 2021 RFC Part L - Student Code of Conduct 

Clarity and transparency on the expectations of students conduct, including reference to conduct that the university will consider as a breach to the student code of conduct.

Explicit reference made to interlink policies and procedures included in the Student Code of Conduct

July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22
June 2021 RFC  Professional Conduct and Professional Suitability (PCPS) 

Amendments to procedure include:

  • Clarity about when / where the procedure applies
  • Reference to the burden of proof and standard of proof
  • Clarity on students right to be accompanied throughout the procedure
  • Information about potential precautionary action
    Information about criminal investigation
  • Information about purpose, role and responsibilities of investigator
  • Clarity regarding evidence collation from third parties (eg employers/​placement providers)
  • Indicative timescales for investigation
  • Change to time scales regarding notice periods
  • Opportunity for objection to panel members
  • Inclusion of additional sanctions - remedial/ restorative actions
  • Amendment to right of appeal section to follow the procedure used for Student Disciplinary Appeals

Note: guidance sessions will be delivered to Colleges that utilise the PCPS procedure

July 2021 Academic Board   Academic Year 2021-22 
June 2021 RFC Student Complaints Procedure 

Amendments to procedure include:

  • Procedure steps changed to: Step 1, Step 2 and Review (from Informal, Formal, Review)
  • Evidence requirements for mitigating circumstances (in relation to missed procedural deadlines)
  • Clarification regarding interlinking procedures, such as Student Living complaints procedure
  • Included detail about valid grounds for escalation (step 1 to step 2 and step 2 to Review)
  • Removed process review stage from previous procedure
  • Removed formal complaint hearing process
July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22
May 2021 RFC  Part F-  Assessment Regulations for Undergraduate Students

Included opportunity for In Module Retrieval for level 4 coursework assessments ( F7.2 a) 

July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22
May 2021 RFC  Post Graduate Research Regulations 

Technical amendments to document  

July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22
June 2021 RFC Academic Regulations Part A-K 

Technical amendments to regulations, policies and procedures to ensure where referenced tiles and roles map to current University structure. 

July 2021 Academic Board  Academic Year 2021-22