Guidance for academic appeals

Guidance notes for completing the Academic Appeal Form

1. Before completing the form

1.1. You are strongly advised to consult with your Programme Leader, Module Leader or the Union of Students before making an appeal as it may be possible to resolve informally.

1.2. Familiarise yourself with the regulations on academic appeals.

1.3. If you have difficulties with completing the form, please contact the Student Policy and Regulations Team via email on or contact a Union of Students Advisor by telephone on 01332 591507, or via email at  

2. Completion of the form

The Academic Appeal Form must be completed fully and submitted within 10 working days of the date of the formal publication of module results or decisions listed in K1.2. Please ensure all evidence is attached and relevant information is included, as an investigation will be based on what is provided. Missing information may result in delays in investigating your appeal, or rejection of your appeal submission.

3. Contact details

4. Programme details

5. Grounds for appeal

An academic appeal must be made only on the basis of the 4 valid grounds listed in section K2 of the Academic Appeals regulations. You should tick the appropriate boxes.

6. Disability declaration

If you have a disability that requires special methods regarding our communication with you regarding your appeal, you must give full details to ensure we meet your needs. If you have a support plan and your appeal relates to an aspect of the plan, then you must submit a copy of the plan with your appeal to assist us with the investigation of the appeal.

7. Details of appeal

You should provide full detail of the issues you wish to raise here. Remember an appeal cannot be made against a decision made on academic grounds (academic judgement). Include dates, a chronology of events is particularly useful for informing the investigation.  

If you have sought advice or tried to resolve your issues informally with a member of staff, include this detail here. If you have previously submitted a formal complaint that has a bearing on your appeal you should declare this.

8. Documentary evidence

List all items of evidence as part of your appeal and explain how they link to your reported circumstances.

9. Appeal resolution

Indicate what action you would expect to be taken to achieve a satisfactory response to your appeal.

10. Declaration

You will need to date and consent to the form digitally as part of the appeals process.

11. Privacy notice

The information that you supply on this complaints form will be held and processed in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR. We share this data with department(s)/college who will nominate an investigator. The investigator in turn may request additional information from you and/or other areas within the University in order to more fully understand your situation. This will include details relating to use of support services, a disability and use of disability support where relevant. It will not be used for any other purpose. We retain this data for a period of 6 years after completion of the complaint investigation; after that time it is deleted securely.

Find out more information about our privacy notice

12. Submission of the appeals form

You will submit the form electronically. Please ensure that the appeal is fully complete, that you have attached all evidence and included all relevant information, as it will be investigated in line with what is provided. If you require assistance or support with completing the form, please get in contact with the team via email at or contact a Union of Students Advisor by telephone on 01332 591507, or via email at