Grievance Procedure: Grievances against Students

1 Scope of Grievance Procedures

1.1 The following procedures apply in respect of grievances a student or member of University staff has against another student.

1.2 The aim of these procedures is to settle or address individual grievances promptly and fairly by methods acceptable to the parties.

1.3 There are separate University procedures relating to grievances which students may have against members of staff and which members of staff may have against their colleagues. (For further information contact the Human Resources Department)

1.4 There are also procedures, published by and available from the Union of Students, available to students with grievances against employees of the Union of Students.

1.5 These procedures relate to matters affecting the personal dealings or relationships of a student or member of staff with other students of the University and may relate to:

(i) Sexual, racial or religious harassment;

(ii) Any other behaviour of a bullying, intimidatory or threatening nature;

(iii) Creating or maintaining a hostile studying, working or social environment.

1.6 If it becomes apparent that a grievance cannot be resolved by informal means the matter will be referred to an appropriate formal procedure (normally the Disciplinary Procedure).

1.7 These procedures will not normally be used if a period of more than three months has elapsed since the behaviour complained of occurred.

2 Informal Approach

2.1 Where a student or a member of staff (called "the complainant") has a grievance against another student (called "the harasser"), the complainant (or a friend or representative) should, wherever possible, request the harasser to stop, making it clear that the behaviour is unwelcome and unacceptable.

2.2 It is recognised that circumstances may not permit this direct approach, or that the complainant may prefer to seek the support of a third party, such as an officer of the Union of Students or a member of staff.

3 Reporting a Grievance

3.1 When it is not possible to resolve a grievance directly with the harasser, or when an informal approach has proved unsuccessful, the matter should be reported to a PVC Dean of College or Director of Department.

3.2 The PVC Dean of College or Director of Department or their nominee, who shall be experienced in matters of student conduct and University policies, will take such steps as they think appropriate to resolve the issue informally.

3.3 A member of staff with a grievance against a student may if they wish (being reluctant, for example, to engage in any informal negotiation or discussion) disregard any intermediaries and make a direct approach to the PVC Dean of College or Director of Department.

3.4 If it appears to the PVC Dean of College or Director of Department or their nominee that the grievance is trivial, vexatious or invalid, they may dismiss it summarily or take no action upon it.

3.5 If the PVC Dean of College or Director of Department or their nominee believes that the grievance may be substantiated, and cannot be resolved by informal means, they may decide that it should be considered within the University's student disciplinary procedures.

3.6 The complainant shall have a right of appeal against the decision of the PVC Dean of College or Director of Department or their nominee to the Academic Registrar, who will consult with a member of Vice Chancellor's Executive before reaching a final decision.

4 Grievances against Staff

4.1 If there is a grievance from a student against a member of staff, the student should contact the Academic Registrar or their representative.