Student Charter

The Student Charter is a clear statement of the responsibilities of the University and the Union to provide a quality academic experience to every student. It also sets out the expectations for students and the responsibilities students hold to get the most from their University experience.

The University of Derby and Union of Students have co-created a Student Charter that sets out what all students can expect from their university experience and what responsibilities students have in return. This important document sets out the rights of every student and establishes a series of core principles the University uses to deliver a transformational and high-quality learning experience. Click on each heading to find out more.

Creating a thriving community

We aim to ensure all of our students feel welcomed and valued here at the University of Derby. A physical and online community that will encourage learning, raise aspirations, show kindness and empower the next generation of game changers.

We will do this by:

  1. Ensuring you're provided with a range of opportunities throughout your time at University that ensures you meet people and enables you to build academic and professional networks
  2. Encouraging you to share your personal strengths to bring your unique viewpoint to bear, helping us to enrich the learning experience for all those around you
  3. Providing opportunities for you to have your achievements and academic excellence recognised through College and University award events so we can celebrate your success together
  4. Working together to encourage you to be confident in your skillset whilst enabling you to recognise and achieve your potential

As a Union, we will strive to create a vibrant student community that you are proud to belong to. We aim to foster a strong community spirit where all students are encouraged to work together to make a difference.

We will do this by:

  1. Hosting an online ideas forum that enables all students to share ideas to enhance their University experience
  2. Encouraging students to be a part of their wider community through volunteering and local initiatives
  3. Celebrating the success and achievements of students and the positive impact they have on our society
  4. Providing a range of flexible spaces for students to relax, socialise and learn

You should recognise the value in engaging with the University of Derby and the wider community, respecting staff and peers and role modelling professional behaviour as a representative of the University.

You can do this by:

  1. Upholding the values of the University by treating staff, other students and our neighbours with respect and dignity both in person and online, being mindful of the safety and wellbeing of all community members
  2. Seeking out opportunities to engage with the University, Union of Students and local community initiatives
  3. Respecting the physical environment, facilities and resources of the University and protecting our climate through a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly activities
  4. Being aware that individual conduct affects other students and reflects upon the University, so be considerate and respectful to the needs of others
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Supporting an inclusive environment

We will maintain an inclusive culture to raise visibility, challenge discrimination, celebrate diversity and ensure there is meaningful equality for everyone.

We will do this by:

  1. Celebrating and learning from our actions and words, and our diverse communities of staff and students. Our curriculum and teaching practices recognise inclusion. We incorporate knowledge from across the globe and ensure that a diverse range of perspectives are embedded within the taught curriculum and are actively decolonising and diversifying curriculum content
  2. Promote and embody kindness, understanding, and acceptance in and outside of our learning community
  3. Developing learning and community environments that encourage your learning and sense of belonging. We will provide clear routes to support when you are in need
  4. Entrusting all members of our community with the responsibility for shaping a culture that opens doors to all

We will stand to represent the interests of all students, celebrating diversity and pushing for greater equality. We champion inclusive practices to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to progress at the University.

We will do this by:

  1. Fostering an environment where students and staff feel confident and proud to be themselves
  2. Having effective representation across all student groups, providing a balanced and proportionate collective voice
  3. Creating welcoming and open physical and online spaces for individuals to express themselves freely
  4. Embedding inclusive practices across the Union to make our activities accessible to all

You should develop a mutual understanding that everyone is different and that you, alongside staff and other students should be treated equitably and with respect, regardless of identity, background or belief.

You can do this by:

  1. Being confident in your identity and feeling able to express yourself whilst being respectful when others do the same
  2. Feeling comfortable to raise concerns of non-inclusive practices through University and Union feedback and support mechanisms
  3. Taking the chance to work and learn from people of different cultures and backgrounds to broaden your understanding and awareness of other perspectives

Delivering a transformational academic experience

We will facilitate learning opportunities that encourage critical and creative perspectives and apply your learning to real-world problems and scenarios.

We will do this by:

  1. Providing collaborative, active, and flexible learning experiences through dynamic teaching which is research-informed and provides opportunities to work in partnership with staff to create new knowledge
  2. Offering an inclusive, future-focused, applied, and personalised curriculum that supports the development of digital literacy and graduate level skills
  3. Providing innovative and authentic assessment experiences which enhance employability, encourage personal reflection, and are reinforced through multiple dialogic feedback opportunities
  4. Embedding themes and debates related to sustainable development across all disciplines to encourage global citizenship and environmental stewardship, and enable ethically informed decision-making in your professional and personal lives
  5. Ensuring academic integrity is embedded and upheld, working with students to ensure the expectations are clearly communicated. We define academic integrity and focus on educative and preventive measures and activities to support you

We will work in partnership with students and the University to simultaneously challenge and improve the quality of the academic experience and inform decision-making to drive positive change.

We will do this by:

  1. Having a vibrant network of representatives at the heart of conversations around learning and teaching
  2. Contributing to the development of the curriculum to ensure it is accessible, diverse and reflects the needs of all students
  3. Recruiting, training and supporting programme representatives to have constructive and open dialogue to inform the continual improvement of courses and the student experience
  4. Contributing to the development of academic policies, procedures, and regulations through a network of elected representatives and staff

You should feel enabled to take ownership of your academic experience and performance through fully utilising the resources, applied experiences, and research opportunities that are available to you.

You can do this by:

  1. Engaging in your studies, being part of the academic community, and completing all assignments on time to the highest possible academic standards
  2. Proactively seeking advice and engaging with support services to aid your academic journey
  3. Taking opportunities to develop your academic and professional skillset and engage in conversation that can positively impact your academic experience by providing constructive feedback at the appropriate time
  4. Following the practice set out in University policies and regulations and ensuring you are aware of the requirements of them as a member of the University community
  5. Being responsible for the academic integrity of your work and not knowingly commit an academic offence. It is your responsibility to reference your work correctly and accurately, following the guidelines set out in your programme
Student receiving an awards

Empowering student voice to enact positive change

We want you to be involved with all decisions so we'll provide you a framework to share your experiences and work in partnership with you to create and maintain a valued learning community here at Derby.

We will do this by:

  1. Working with students to effectively communicate changes, improvements and important updates on a regular basis throughout the year
  2. Inviting you to be involved in our recruitment panels for all new senior management posts and academic staff and encourage you to participate in the University quality assurance process
  3. Regularly seeking your views and feedback on internal and national student surveys and presenting the actions we will take as a result back to you
  4. Ensuring that students are always invited to University meetings within our deliberative structure and recommend that all working groups seek to work in partnership with students

We will create the change you want to see by ensuring students, and their voices, are at the heart of all we do and commit to advocating your views to the University.

We will do this by:

  1. Sharing information honestly and openly, keeping you up to date with changes taking place by promoting resources and distributing key institutional messages in an accessible, clear way
  2. Seeking out your feedback to understand your priorities and empowering you to influence the way we work
  3. Actively representing you on local and national agendas by advocating, negotiating and campaigning on student issues
  4. Providing unbiased and confidential advice to support you on all aspects of the University journey

You should seek out and engage with opportunities in which you can be active partners in shaping your University experience.

You can do this by:

  1. Talking openly and honestly about points as they arise, through your academics, student support services, or the Union Advice service
  2. Engaging with your elected student representatives within the Union, providing them with feedback and your opinions
  3. Making the most of your programme feedback channels in order to improve your experience and have your say
  4. Actively engaging through established mechanisms that are presented to you to provide your opinion and feedback as a student through polls, surveys and meetings

Developing personal and professional growth through meaningful opportunities

We will empower you to personalise your journey through University and beyond by supporting you to take part in rich and varied experiences. We will enable you to build your confidence and develop your professional and personal identities across your academic journey and beyond.

We will do this by:

  1. Providing experiences and support to help you find balance and emotional resilience
  2. Supporting you to understand yourself, and to build the knowledge, skills, connections, and confidence to achieve bold ambitions
  3. Inspiring you to advance your knowledge and kindle your passion for the things that are meaningful to you
  4. Offering you opportunities to explore new concepts, careers and enterprise
  5. Enabling you to broaden your world view and expand your understanding of different cultures through events, activities and conversation

We will actively empower our student community to reach their potential by providing opportunities to shape themselves, their Union, and their future.

We will do this by:

  1. Providing opportunities for you to stand out from the crowd through transformative development experiences
  2. Giving you access to a range of co-curricular activities which supplement both your learning and wider journey
  3. Giving you the opportunity to try new things and meet new people
  4. Giving awards and recognition for the skills you develop and support you to evidence your capability and skills to future employers
  5. Developing your skills and confidence to enable you to take your next steps and remain ready to support you throughout your student journey

You should take advantage of opportunities that are available to you and engage in all aspects of University life to develop and grow.

You can do this by:

  1. Using your assignment feedback to inform your progress in building a strong academic portfolio
  2. Accessing opportunities that are available to you through your University and Union, both academic and co-curricular, and using these practical and academic activities to develop your transferable skills throughout your journey
  3. Being courageous and adventurous in trying new activities to give yourself the best opportunity to reach your potential
  4. Planning for your future by seeking work experience through participation in internships, placements and professional development programmes
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Union of Students

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