Message from the Union of Students

Hello and welcome from the Union of Students, University of Derby

These documents contain the academic policies, procedures and regulations about your rights and responsibilities as a student at the University of Derby. The information is critically important, governing everything from the way in which your assessments are marked, what happens if you miss a deadline, and even how long the semesters should be.

Perhaps most importantly, however, these documents governs what happens if something goes wrong. If you are accused of a “suspected academic offence” or if something goes wrong in your studies, this document outlines the steps and measures that University staff will follow. If you ever find yourself in that situation or have any queries about anything in these documents in general, the Union of Students is here to help.

The Union of Students Advice Service is independent of the University, and exists to represent you and help you if there are any problems academic or otherwise. We can attend meetings alongside you, provide guidance, and will support you through any of the procedures outlined in this document. If you are a distance or online learner, we can provide appointments by telephone or Skype. Advice is staffed by professional advisors, and all their help is free and confidential.

To contact them please either visit the Union of Students information point, email directly at, or ring them on:

01332 591507 - Kedleston Road Campus, Derby

01332 594553 - Devonshire Campus, Buxton

You can also visit the Union of Students website.

Please remember that you do not have to go through any experience at University alone. As a Union of Students we always strive to ensure that our members are looked after and represented properly.

Remember – this is your Union of Students and we are always here to help you.

Vice President Education

The Union of Students is an autonomous organisation run by the students for the students, under the constitution approved by the University’s governing body. The governing body is also bound by a code of practice on freedom of speech (pursuant to clause 43 of the Education no 2 Act 1986).

We actively encourage student feedback and are continually working towards a proactive student body. The University wants your feedback too and has established procedures by which to gather it; please provide this feedback as constructively as possible when it is requested.