Events and activities

The University and your Union of Students are preparing a programme of exciting activities to kick start your academic year. This September, we know it’s more important than ever for you to have opportunities to connect with other students and enjoy your student journey with us.

Site and city tours

Our lovely Welcome Heroes will be offering the opportunity of site and city tours at our Derby Campus, a chance for you to explore the University and Derby City. If walking tours aren’t accessible to you but you’d still love to be shown around, please contact us separately at and we’ll aim to support you where we can.

Students who are based at our Chesterfield site will also have the opportunity to be shown around the site but are not required to book.

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Two students exploring Derby City Centre.
Students exploring Derby City

Your Freshers

Your Union is planning an awesome Covid-secure Freshers Village – with Freshers Fairs on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 September. There will be ‘Give It A Go’ sessions with a huge range of sports clubs and societies, cultural events and club nights in the city. And, of course, great food and drink from Campus Kitchen; your Union’s mobile food trailer.

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DJ performing at Freshers union of students event. Person behind decks amongst yellow and purple lights.
A DJ performing at Freshers

We look forward to seeing you at our Welcome and Freshers activities this year. Tag us @derbyunistudent using the hashtag #DerbyWelcome and let us know which ones you go to and what you enjoy the most!

Welcome Debates

We’re holding three Welcome Debates on 4 - 6 October 2021. Join us in the debates and let your opinion be heard. Each day we’ll be discussing a different topic from Mental Health, Environment and Sustainability to Diversity. Come along to contribute, hear thoughts and ideas about current topics important to you and your journey. 

Due to limited availability, the registration will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Date / Time: 4 October 2021 (5 - 6pm UK Time) Where: Kedleston Road (Online attendance through Blackboard also available)

How has studying in a global pandemic affected mental health?

This debate will investigate the coping mechanisms used by students to help with the isolation and additional impact the pandemic has had on students. The debate will aim to encourage a reflection on how the pandemic affected people, minds and behaviours.

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Date / Time: 5 October 2021 (5 - 6pm UK Time) Where: Kedleston Road (Online attendance through Blackboard also available)

Are corporate sustainability actions more important than our day-to-day actions?  

This debate aims to understand what keeps students motivated to recycle and live sustainability. It considers whether corporations inspire and encourage others to adopt a sustainable approach to living. It also seeks to identify if students are still sustainably aware and whether they have ambitions to make a positive environmental change.

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Date / Time: 6 October 2021 (5 - 6pm UK Time) Where: Kedleston Road (Online attendance through Blackboard also available)

Are corporations doing enough to diversify and broaden their branding? 

As a part of this discussion, we will be exploring people's social media feeds, cultural awareness, and community demographics to identify if they take an active approach to diversifying their life. The debate will also explore the importance of diversifying different aspects of people’s lives and whether corporate branding inspires, impacts, and influences this. The debate will explore whether students feel the importance of diverse role models in their life and whether role models are still important to them.

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International students

International/EU students can access a wide-range of support services from across the University including admissions, accommodation, student wellbeing, careers and employment, and college student centres. We also have a dedicated visa advisor who can provide advice on your visa and immigration requirements.

If you are a new international/EU student, you will be invited to join students from the UK on our welcome activities. You'll soon be finding your way around and making new friends from all over the world.

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An insight into International Student Life at the University of Derby.

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