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Dr Ian Baker, Programme Leader BSc (Hons) Psychology: Our undergraduate Psychology courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society, or the BPS. The BPS is our governing body in the United Kingdom for all psychologists. If you wish to go on to become a professional psychologist, particularly a Chartered Psychologist, such as myself, you need to have done an undergraduate programme, or a conversion course, that is accredited by the BPS.
[We see a student reading a book called 'Research Methods in Psychology'. Two students look at a computer screen. Two students examine a model of the brain.]
Dr Karin Spenser, Disciple Lead for Professional Psychological Practices: The BPS set the standards. So they basically guide what the curriculum needs to include, as a minimum, how that curriculum is largely delivered.
[We see a shot of the Kedleston Road campus, the camera zooms out to show more of the building. A student sits next to some books and a plastic model of the brain].
Dr Ian Baker:  The BPS have visited and ensured that we've got appropriate facilities, they've gone through our programme with a very fine tooth comb, and interviewed us to make sure that we are teaching all of the core material that we have to teach for Psychology, to make sure you have got that bedrock in Psychology, but, also, that we are teaching to the appropriate standard.
[The camera pans across a bookshelf. Someone used a laptop that shows a graph. We see a diagram of the brain in a book. Someone looks at a laptop screen showing images of three babies, building blocks, two cables and a tarantula].
Our courses also cover more optional areas of psychology, usually those areas that are driven by the staff. They're our specialisms in Psychology, so, when you come to study with us, you're being taught by experts that can actively conduct research into those areas, and are very passionate about them, because it's our areas of research.
Dr Karin Spenser: In order to actually get your chartership with the British Psychological Society, or your registration with the Healthcare Professions Council, you have to have completed and passed, an accredited programme, a BPS accredited programme.
Dr Dean Fido, Programme Leader MSc Forensic Psychology: Students that leave our degrees have that added quality, that gold standard degree in Psychology, which is looked for by employers in the industry.
Dr Karin Spenser: If you are wanting to work in the criminal justice system, for example, then, the largest employers are HMPPS, that's Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service, and the National Health Service, the NHS, and in order to actually work in these areas, either as a trainee Psychologist or as a practising Psychologist, it's not a 'nice to have' it's you have got to have these qualifications.
Dr Dean Fido: It shows those employers that the students have a certain level or standard of skills and knowledge needed to undertake those particular jobs.
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Becoming a chartered professional psychologist video

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