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Dr Ian Baker

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


College of Health, Psychology and Social Care


School of Psychology

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Human Sciences Research Centre




Kedleston Road, Derby Campus



Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Teaching responsibilities

I am the Programme Leader for our BSc (Hons) Psychology degree. I am also the Module Leader for Quantitative Methods & Individual Differences and Anomalistic Psychology & Parapsychology. Whilst most of my teaching focuses on quantitative research methods, I teach across a range of modules at undergraduate level.

Research interests

I have research interest in parapsychology, paranormal belief, religious belief, and the use of electrophysiology measures (EEG, ERP, Skin Conductance, etc).

I also supervise the following PhD student(s):

Completed students:

Membership of professional bodies


I am qualified in psychometric test use, and I hold the following qualifications that are awarded by the British Psychological Society (BPS):

Recent conferences

Experience in industry

Additional interests and activities

I am a reviewer for the following journals:

In addition, I am an Article Editor for SAGE Open.

I have been on the conference committee (and one of the reviewers) for the annual convention of the Parapsychological Association (PA) for several years. I was the Editor of the European Journal of Parapsychology (EJP).

I have acted as an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Rapporteur.

In 2004, I recieved the Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship Award from the Parapsychology Foundation, New York.

I have received over £150,000 of internal and external funding to date, and I have been a BIAL Foundation Research Fellow twice (2002 and 2015).

Recent publications

Baker, I.S., Montague, J., & Booth, A. (in press). A mixed-methods examination of psychometry using psychic and non-psychic claimants with actual and false readings. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

Yuenyongchaiwat, K., Baker. I., & Sheffield, D. (2017).  Symptoms of anxiety and depression are related to cardiovascular responses to active, but not passive, coping tasks. Revista Brasileria de Psiquiatria, 39 (2), 110-117.

Schofield, M., Baker. I.S., Staples, P. & Sheffield, D. (2016). Mental representations of the supernatural: A cluster analysis of religiosity, spirtuality and paranormal belief. Personality and Individual Differences, 101, 419-424.

Yuenyongchaiwat, K., Baker. I., Maratos, F., & Sheffield, D. (2016).  Do cardiovascular responses to active and passive coping tasks predict future blood pressure over 10-Months later? The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 19, e10, 1-12.

Baker, I. S. (2015). The relationship of the feeling of being watched to paranoia, self-consciousness, and social anxiety. Journal of Parapsychology, 79(2), 203-218.

Yuenyongchaiwat, K., Sheffield, D., Baker. I., & Maratos, F. (2015). Hemodynamic responses to active and passive coping tasks and the prediction of future blood pressure in Thai participants: A preliminary prospective cohort study. Japanese Psychological Research, 57, 4, 288-299.

Irwin, H. J., Schofield, M. B., & Baker, I. S. (2014) Dissociative tendancies, sensory-processing sensitivity and aberrant salience as predictors of anomalous experiences and paranormal attributions, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 78.4, 917, 193-206.

Baker, I. S., Schofield, M. B., & Staples, P. (2014). Book review: Education in parapsychology - student and instructor perspectives by Harvey J. Irwin, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 78.4, 917, 240-241.

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Watt, C., & Baker, I. S. (2002). Remote facilitation of attention focusing with psi-supportive versus psi-unsupportive experimenter suggestions. Journal of Parapsychology, 66, 2, 151-168

Baker, I. S. (2002). 'Do Ghosts Exist?': A summary of parapsychological research into apparitional experience (pp. 108-123). In Newton, J. (2002). Early Modern Ghosts. Durham: Centre for Seventeenth Century Studies, University of Durham.