Fees explained

Going to university is a major financial commitment, and we know that it will be one of your key concerns. Discover how tuition fees work and what financial help is available.

Tuition fee loan

Tuition fees for full-time undergraduate courses are currently £9,250 per year. No UK student is required to pay their tuition fees upfront.

Eligible students can apply for a tuition fee loan that will cover the cost of their fees. They only start to repay this once they’ve graduated and are earning £27,295 per year or more. This is the current repayment threshold set by the government and is subject to change.bla

Find out more about eligibility at gov.uk

The repayment level is worked out as 9% of earnings over £27,295 (approximately £25 per month for a graduate earning £30,000). If the graduate earns less than £27,295, they will not repay or if their earnings drop below £27,295, repayments will stop.

The repayment level is based on how much the graduate earns, not the size of the loan.

Maintenance loan

Maintenance loans are available to help cover the cost of living expenses. The amount allocated will depend on your household income and must be paid back.

Student loans do not currently go onto credit files so will not affect applications for a mortgage or personal loan in the future. When taking out large loans such as a mortgage, lending providers may ask about student loan repayments to assess their monthly outgoings, just as they would ask about any other outgoings they may have, such as a gym membership or mobile phone bill.

After 30 years, the full debt is wiped clean, regardless of how much has been repaid. The debt is not passed onto relatives and belongs only to the student.

The most up-to-date information about student loans is available from gov.uk.


A bursary is a sum of money given to a student, which does not need to be paid back. The University of Derby Bursary provides targeted financial assistance with the costs of higher education to those who are eligible.

Bursaries are assessed on household income and are paid in instalments.

Find out more about the University of Derby Bursary


We offer scholarships to talented athletes, who can receive up to £6,000 per year towards their tuition fees. 

Find out more about our sports scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships to international students - these may vary year by year. Find out more about international scholarships. 

Other support

Other sources of funding may be available. Please contact our Student Money Advice and Rights Team (SMART) at smart@derby.ac.uk for further details.

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