Employment opportunities

We know students are focused on their future, so we're here to help. With placements, work experience and career support, we help students get the most out of university and make sure they're ready for the world of work.

University is a worthwhile option for students who have a clear career path that they want to follow and equally for those who don’t. University develops transferable skills such as problem solving, organisation, working to deadlines, making decisions, presentation and research skills. These can be applied to many different careers and university provides the time for students to experience different opportunities.   

Before applying for university, encourage your son or daughter to sit down and think about what they want to do in terms of a career. If they start thinking about it now, they can plan relevant work experience and placements and give themselves the best opportunity to succeed in a career that they want to pursue.

Opportunities available at university

Placement year

A placement year is an integrated component of a student's degree programme that counts towards their final degree award. Derby’s strong links with industry leaders has previously seen our students gain placements at companies such as Microsoft, Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Toyota and IBM.

Work experience

During university holidays, students are encouraged to organise work experience or internships. This is the perfect time to start gaining that all-important experience within a relevant industry which will set them apart from other graduates later down the line. Relevant work experience look great on CV’s and many students go on to secure a role with their placement organisation after graduating.

Study abroad

Another great way for your son or daughter to gain experience, expand their skills and set themselves apart from other applicants is to study abroad. It shows that they are outgoing and prepared to try new experiences, even if it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

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Expand their network

Your son or daughter will meet lots of new people from all walks of life during their time at university. We recommend getting involved in activities and joining all the clubs and societies that interest them. Expanding their network not only makes their time at university fulfilling but could also help their career after graduating.

Student employment

Part-time employment whilst studying is a great way for students to help support themselves and improve their employability for the future.

Derby’s Careers and Employment Service can fully support your son or daughter in applying for part-time work as well as work placements that suits their needs and career ambitions. If your son or daughter’s ambition is to start their own business, either while they’re studying or after they’ve graduated, the University can offer them one of our incubation units with reasonable rent and a range of business support services to help them on their way to establishing their business.

The future

As the number one University in the East Midlands for graduate employment we continue to support our graduates after leaving the University. 

For up to three years after graduation, our Careers and Employment Service will support and guide students offering one-to-one appointments with employment advisors, career planning, CV tailoring and preparing for interviews.

Students can stay connected once they have graduated through our Alumni Relations team.