University Bursary

Bursary information for 2021/2022

The University of Derby Bursary provides targeted financial assistance with the costs of higher education to those who are eligible*. The Bursary is available to new undergraduate students entering higher education for the first time from September 2021 onwards**.

Eligible students will receive up to £1,000 per academic year (£900 as a cash award plus a £100 study resource e-card).

Bursaries are assessed on household income and are paid direct to you (in installments).

Household IncomeBursary
£0 - £25,000 £1,000 (£900 plus £100 study resource e-card)
£25,001 - £36,592 £600 (£500 plus £100 study resource e-card)

Information regarding the study resource e-card will be forwarded to you separately via email.
Undergraduate, home, full-time students will receive the £100 study resource e-card to spend on educational resources to support their academic success.You will receive the maintenance (cash) element of your bursary in three instalments over the academic year (you can use the money to reduce any of your expenses associated with studying).

You can receive a Bursary if:

* Overseas students, EU Students, postgraduate students, part-time students, online students, PGCE students and students studying professional courses are not eligible for support.

** Students who commenced study prior to 1 September 2021 (or have undertaken any period of HE study prior to 1 September 2021) are not eligible for support.

How do I apply?

You do not need to make an application for the University of Derby Bursary. Entitlement is assessed automatically using the household income details given to the University by your Funding Authority (i.e. Student Finance England / Wales / Northern Ireland / SAAS).

In order to assess you for a Bursary your sponsor(s) (parents/partner) will need to give consent to share their income details through Student Finance.

If your sponsor(s) has not given consent to share their information, they can contact the appropriate Funding Authority directly.

Continuing students

If you have received a Bursary in previous academic years, we will continue to assess your eligibility using the standard eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for a Bursary is based on successful progression through your studies (i.e. stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 etc.).

Notification of all Bursary awards (payments, dates etc.) will be e-mailed to all eligible students automatically.

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