Joint Honours Degrees at Derby

What is a Joint Honours degree? How do they work? What are the benefits? At Derby, we offer a range of Joint Honours programmes to give you the best possible interdisciplinary combination and transferable skills that prepare you for your career.

Joint Honours courses

For September 2024, we have Joint Honours programmes available for the following courses:

What is a Joint Honours degree?

A Joint Honours degree offers students the opportunity to study two subjects.

In your first year, you will study these two subjects equally. In your second and third year, you can often choose to either major in one subject or continue to study them equally.

Why should I consider a Joint Honours degree?

A Joint Honours degree is a great option if: 

Does a Joint Honours degree mean more work?

No. A common misconception is that studying two subjects is twice the work. Joint Honours degrees are the same amount of work as a single honours degree.

Can I choose to spend more time studying my favourite subject?

You will study an equal amount of both subjects in your first year. Most subjects then offer the choice to continue studying a joint pathway or you can select a major-minor pathway.

If you choose a major-minor pathway, you typically spend two thirds of your time studying your major subject. You'll need to check the individual course pages for information on the pathways available.

Marizel Le Roux student image

I’d recommend doing a Joint Honours degree if you’re interested in two subjects or if you want to try something new - you never know, you might enjoy the new subject more. I got the best of both subjects and was able to tailor my degree to suit my career.

Marizel Le Roux
Joint Honours graduate

What does this mean for my modules and my dissertation?

In your first year, your modules will be selected for you to ensure a good grounding in both subjects.

In your second and third year, some subjects give you the option to choose your modules and tailor your degree to your interests. 

Some subjects have set modules throughout your degree to make sure you cover everything you need to know and achieve certain accreditations.

You can check our course pages and module list for more information on whether you will study an Independent Study project.

What accreditations will I receive?

Some undergraduate degrees offer additional accreditation from external organisations, including the British Psychological Society and Chartered Management Institute.

To achieve this, you typically have to choose and pass certain modules.

Please check our course pages and explore the pathways available to find out more about accreditations.

What are the benefits for my career?

Combining two subjects boosts your employability and gives you the opportunity to develop knowledge and expertise in two subject areas, making you a more versatile graduate. 

You’ll also gain valuable time management skills and become more adaptable, which is great preparation for your future career. 

It is a good idea to check what degree is required if you are considering a specific career role or postgraduate study.

Can I change my mind?

If the subject you have chosen is also available as a single honours course, you may have the option to switch to single honours up to the end of the first semester. This should be discussed and agreed with the single honours programme leader.

What's next and how can I apply?

You can visit our course pages to explore them in more detail. You’ll find information about the topics you’ll study, graduate careers and entry requirements.

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