Artificial Intelligence Undergraduate Courses

Are you interested in the advancement of technology and the rapid expansion of Artificial Intelligence? Our suite of courses will ensure you are at the forefront of this exciting revolution.

From autonomous vehicles and the Criminal Justice System to educational and medical systems, artificial intelligence and data science are shaping the world. With the demand for these skills continuing to grow, now is the perfect time for you to set yourself up for a successful career.

Our courses will allow you to build future-focused skills employers are looking for, either in the development and processes of AI or how AI can be applied in a field that interests you whether that’s criminology, digital marketing, healthcare, human resources or psychology.

Innovative solutions

As the world is seeking new solutions for current climate and societal issues, artificial intelligence will play an important part. You’ll graduate with a competitive edge as well as the skills, knowledge and expertise to maximise the opportunities that this new technology will provide. 

Professor Chris Bussell, Pro Vice-Chancellor Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Derby, says:

"AI is changing our world. Just as machine technology impacted on our lives to create a world dominated by industry and machine manufacturing, the AI revolution will impact on human cognitive processing. It will change our future, how we work and what jobs we do, and how society lives, interacts, and thinks. The rate of change is exponential, and every major industry will be impacted. Companies are spending billions of pounds on AI products and services. Our job in universities is to ensure that we prepare students to harness and engage that technology.”

Exploring the possibilities

Our research active teaching team are carrying out projects in our Data Science Research Centre to investigate how safety and security of systems and data infrastructures can be improved as well as extracting insights to allow for intelligent innovation.

Student using data cave

Data Science

Data Science is one of our six research themes. Our research in this area aims to support external organisations to understand, visualise and enhance their data-driven decision-making, which will deliver tangible benefits to partners, society and the economy.

Find out about our Data Science research themeFind out about our Data Science research theme