The Midlands Enterprise Universities Credit Compass video transcript

Nicola Dandridge (Chief Executive – Office of Students): What I think is fantastic about the Midlands credit compass is the fact you've got this collaboration of universities and higher education providers coming together to see how they can work together to address this quite tricky issue of how we can support students who need to transfer.

Kathryn Mitchell (Vice-Chancellor – University of Derby): We see students leaving universities at level four level five and level six with actual credits that could actually be utilized in many different ways. So, there's two elements to the credit compass that's valuable, one they have a transcript that clearly says what qualification they've got at the end of level four five and six. But also they can transfer those credits in to may be more appropriate courses such as apprenticeships, but what we want to be able to do is support them with the right guidance so that they actually can get either the right qualification or move into the right job.

At the heart of each of the universities missions, we believe in social mobility and lifelong learning and if that's at the heart of your mission I think you could not consider it but we would want to be competitive in this way because we don't want students just to be dropping out because we're competing. We want to be collaborative so they can be successful.

The Midlands Enterprise Universities Credit Compass video

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